Homeless in Vancouver: Three reasons Overly Friendly Frog must go

Just looking at Overly Friendly Frog makes me hopping mad.

I found him in the course of my binning for refundable beverage containers today. I found him in the garbage and after this brief reprieve for photos—in one form or another—he’s going back. Here’s why.

The verdict is in and the ayes have it

Stanley Q. Woodvine

1. Looks happy but not sincerely happy—not smiling with his eyes. Busted!

Stanley Q. Woodvine

2. Wearing his baseball cap backwards. So old hat. Nuff said.

Stanley Q. Woodvine

3. Space for a firecracker. That’s what’s called kismet!

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Is the dude writing these articles really homeless? He has the best stories.
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