Homeless in Vancouver: I say it’s an ostrich, others say a whale

Sometimes a blogger can hit the wall—run out of new and interesting topics to post.

This might be one of those times.

There’s this paint splash on a low concrete wall I ride past most every night. Many times I’ve noted in passing that it suggests a large flightless bird to me, such as an emu or an ostrich. Last night I finally stopped and took a photograph.

Splatters, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder

Looks like (clockwise): Imperial AT Walker, emu, ostrich skeletons and a whale.

I can’t help but see an ostrich or an emu but none of the handful of other people I showed the photo to agreed with me. They saw a whale, an octopus (an octopus?), a jellyfish, an Imperial Walker from Star Wars, and—“some paint on a wall?”

Hey kids! Beware of searching for “whale with big tail” or “whale tail”. The results tend more toward bodacious than cetaceous. 

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There's a paint stain on a garbage can at VGH (right on 12th Ave in front of the Mental Health area) that looks like Fat Elvis.
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test..So you say you saw a bird, eh? Hmmmmmm.....
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