Politics can be about how you look

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      I remember a veteran p.r. executive once telling me that he wasn't surprised when the NDP won the 1996 provincial election.

      In his opinion, it was because the youthful NDP leader, Glen Clark, looked better on TV than his opponent, Gordon Campbell.

      In fact, he said that in the TV age, whoever looks better on the small screen almost always wins.

      It's a cynical, dastardly view of politics, but who's to say that he wasn't right?

      There have been exceptions, such as the whupping that Jean Chr├ętien delivered on Stockwell Day in 2000.

      But in the race for the big prize in the United States, the more attractive candidate often triumphs, giving credence to this theory.

      George Bush looked ancient next to Bill Clinton in 1992.
      John McCain couldn't quite match Barack Obama's hot quotient.

      Stay tuned for the next Canadian federal election to see if this pattern holds true once again.

      Has Stephen Harper finally met his match in Justin Trudeau?


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      Aug 15, 2014 at 6:24pm

      Shame on you, Charlie. Cute can cover lightweight thinkers....except for Clintonof course!