Animal rights activists bring message to kids at the PNE

If you stopped by the Safeway Farm Country agricultural showcase at the Fair at the PNE on Sunday (August 17), you likely saw llamas, alpacas, rabbits, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, and goats.

Apparently, you might have also witnessed a protest by animal right activists bearing signs with messages such as "Animals want to live" and "Animals feel love".

In a news release, the activists addressed kids taking part in 4-H programs:

Kids, you do not need to sell your friends. I know you love animals, but how can you say you love them and then exploit, sell, kill and eat them? This is not love, this is violence. But you have the power to change their story. You have the power to change the 4Hs - Head: To think critically about the status quo; Heart: To guide us to compassion; Hands: To free those who are oppressed; Health: For the health of the planet and all of its beings. Join us. Fight for Animal Liberation.

The activists disrupted the goings-on in the livestock barn before marching through the fairgrounds and protesting outside the PNE gates.

This year's Fair at the PNE opened on Saturday (August 16) and runs until September 1. It's closed on August 18 and 25.

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I couldn't agree more with the activists & admire their courage!
Rating: -81
There's a place for all God's animals - right next to the mashed potatoes.
Rating: +49
Farm girl
All these individuals managed to demonstrate is their ignorance towards an industry that produces food for the world. Way to bite the hand that feeds you. Next time you sit down for a meal think about who put their time, and energy into producing it. If you cannot appreciate the agriculture industry feel free to stop going to the grocery store. Please go out and educate yourselves!
Rating: +89
Truly and utterly disgusting, these animal rights folks have no idea what 4-H stands for or teaches our kids. They don’t realize that the paint/ink on those signs probably have animal by-products in them. To target children who work so hard all year is simply pathetic.
Rating: +93
Jon Q. Publik
The only ones being oppressed here are the people who have to listen to these activists.
Rating: +38
Sandi Adams
Farm Girl: it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, not including the slaughter and processing. Eating meat contributes to the shortage of water around the world. 80% of the corn, oats, wheat, and soy beans grown are for livestock consumption for human palate pleasure. If the grains were redirected for human consumption, world hunger would BE NO MORE. There are more cattle on earth than people. Without oil and gas emissions we could not reduce emissions enough to stop global warming as 9 billion cattle emissions alone exceed the maximum allowed. Plant based diets are healthier, thus medical care would be reduced, reducing the cost of health care. Slaughter is violence. Violence begets violence. When animals are no longer abused and killed, people will be once again sensitized to pain and suffering and peace on earth is a possibility. And lastly, animals will no longer be exploited, abused, tortured, suffer and be slaughtered.
Rating: -55
Sophie Taylor
This is absolutely ridiculous, being a 4h member myself this makes me extremely mad. Everyone in this club demonstrates love and compassion and the highest care for their animals. Yes they form relationships with them and itis hard at the end of the year to see them go. Maybe you should take a trip to a big time slaughter house and then think about what you are protesting.with 4h you can guarantee that there is no better way to get meat on the table !
Rating: +70
B Levie
So many humans here ignore the fact that ALL animals, not just humans, deserve to live out their natural lives. This is not an exclsive right. Why don't people understand that? Humans are so very selfish, when it comes to their treatment of other species. It's so sad.
Rating: -35
Some people need to get a life. What does an animal activist eat exactly ? Those poor vegetables that are ripped from the ground Poor vegetables haha if you don't support agriculture DONT EAT !!!
Rating: +44
Rating: -6
Couldn't be more proud of the fine folks taking a stand against the needless murder of animals. There is no such thing as a meat eating animal lover.
Rating: -78
Well if you are against the agriculture industry feel free to starve. Good riddance more food for the rest of us.
Rating: +41
This is what happens when people who haven't grown up on a farm, or even visited one try to voice an uneducated opinion. It is complete ignorance. Way to wreck a hard working kids day with your posters, I hope your proud you arrogant bullies. How about you find something better to do with you time, like stopping world hunger. Go work in a soup kitchen, and help the homeless people instead.
Rating: +62
Most people just don't know what these animals are forced to endure. Please look up the realities of dairy farms (What DO they do with all those babies), hatcheries (what becomes of all the male chicks), pig gestation crates, and the ultimate horrors of slaughter. Look at the eyes, the fear, the trembling, the frantic fighting, the gore..You can not 'unsee' once you have witnessed this. We live in a country of abundance. There is no need to hurt, torture, and eat meat. It's not good for us, the planet or the animals. You can watch 'Earthlings' on Youtube for free to learn more.
Rating: -44
Sandi Adams,
There are plenty of things such as watering lawns, or outdoor water parks that contribute to water shortage. Also grain is grown by farmers, attack one sector of the industry you attack it all. If I could control where my grain, and vegetables where being sold, I sure wouldn't let you buy any.
Rating: +34
4 H - hateful hurtful heinous horrible
Rating: -103
Hey Sandi Adams, if you want to stop emissions and global warming, maybe shut your mouth a bit more.
Rating: +38
One question, where do you think your food comes from? If any of you have eaten today, thank a farmer.
Rating: +52
Love you guys!! Amazing job!!!
Rating: -44
Farm Girl, you'd do well to take your own advice and educate yourself beyond what you think you know about animal agriculture, which is the most environmentally devastating industry in existence. You're not feeding the're contributing to world hunger, as most of the crops we grow go to feed livestock, not people...not the most efficient use of our precious resources.

Humans have no need whatsoever to consume animal products. We can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet, which is a kinder alternative for animals, the environment, and ourselves.

Eating animals is not a necessity. It is a choice. And if less exploitative, more compassionate alternatives exist, why wouldn't we choose them?

And Sophie, I don't doubt that the children in 4H demonstrate love and compassion when caring for their animals, but there is nothing loving or compassionate about sending animals to slaughter. Those animals are ultimately being raised as commodities, and you cannot claim to love a commodity. If children are going to be taught how to raise an animal for food, perhaps they should see the process through to the end and accompany their beloved animal to the slaughterhouse for a more complete picture of what animal agriculture is about.
Rating: -65


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