Lesbian comedian pwns heckling straight doofus

Dear gentlemen of a certain disposition:

No, lesbian does not mean she is doing it to tease and titillate you.

No, it does not mean she just needs to meet the right guy.

No, it is not the same thing as being bisexual.

In fact, there is such a gaping chasm in comprehension about what lesbians are (and aren't) that web developers have had to figure out ways how to screen out male online users who use catfishing techniques and set up fake female profiles on dating sites to hit on lesbian women.

For those that still have a hard time understanding that, here's Los Angeles–based comedian Cameron Esposito who puts it much more effectively.

Here's Esposito making her late-night debut on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson while Jay Leno was a guest.

In her standup, she weaves in her story about her experience of figuring out she was a lesbian. And she also manages to out Leno! (Well, sort of.)

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Can we not send this as a case to the BC Human Rights Tribunal? please
Rating: -12
Sammy Glick
Hey - I've been told by a few women in the past that I dance "like a gay friend" of theirs. I'm reasonably secure in liking pussy and I could care less where people park their junk, so it's no biggie to me, but today I was beginning to wonder if maybe lesbians were good dancers? Was my friend saying I danced like a lesbian or a gay man?
Buler? Buler?
Rating: -3
Good one
She is cool.
Rating: -4
Yet another useless story about yet another misunderstood minority. When will the minorities start obsessing about the misunderstood upper SES heterosexual white male? We're so sick of hearing all of you complain, whinge, rant, that we're dancing around our mansions with our fingers in our hears chanting "Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up."
Rating: -5
'pwn'? really? Was he a n00b, too?
Rating: -1
I'm with DUnit
I thought that this GS was actual jouranalism. Anything that needs to be looked up in the Urban Dictionary does ont belong in a headline.
Rating: +3
Wow, I've never heard of a comedian 'pwning' a heckler. I guess those lesbians are just superior. Thanks for bringing this story to our attention. It should be top of the newscasts and I'm sure it'll be Breaking News on CNN.
Rating: +3
Lookout for FARK
Much better than giving substantive coverage to the Vancouver civic election! Kudos for lowering the bar once again.
Rating: -3
I'm a straight guy and she's very attractive....never say never.....
Rating: -9
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