Oh myyy! George Takei is coming to Vancouver

Yes, the multi-titled celebrity—former Star Trek star, activist, LGBT icon, internet sensation, self-effacing goofball—otherwise known as George Takei is beaming up to our Canadian metropolis to share his words of wisdom, inspiration, and humour.

Takei publicly came out as gay in 2005 in response to then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's rejection of a same-sex marriage bill. Since that time, he has gone on to enjoy a new and unexpected career as an online celebrity, combining activism and humour for LGBT causes and also raising awareness about the Japanese American internment experience.

Takei himself was an internee during the Second World War, and he went from living with his family on skid row to becoming a Hollywood star.

His role as Lt. Sulu on the Star Trek TV series (and later the films) was a milestone for Asian American representation in Hollywood.

His life story was detailed in the documentary To Be Takei, which screened at this year's DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

He'll be appearing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 18. Tickets go on sale on Friday (August 22).

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Seriously, who cares??? So he was in Star Trek a long time ago - so what?
Rating: -8
Craig Takeuchi
Why don't you tell him that when he gets here?
Rating: +5
Cool! I m going!
Rating: +2
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