Dîner en Blanc Vancouver 2014 may or may not be happening in David Lam Park

At 5 p.m., media outlets will find out the top-secret location of this evening's Dîner en Blanc Vancouver. However, organizers have asked attending media folks not to share the identity of the site until 6 p.m.

This journalist will not be attending the all-dressed-in-white dinner for three thousand invited guests. But a look at the Twitter timeline of a local broadcaster reveals the likely location of tonight's elite extravaganza.

Ron Wilson has tweeted the following photos of the goings-on in Yaletown's condo-surrounded David Lam Park.

So what you think of David Lam Park as Dîner en Blanc's super-secret location?

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I think tonight would be perfect for an impromptu colour run through David Lam Park. Who's with me? BYO powdered tempura paint!
Rating: +1
Jon Q. Publik
Wait what closure of a public park for a private event! Cry Havoc, let slip the dogs of war! I certainly hope the city moves to issue an eviction to these pompous buffoons, if for nothing else to show that Vision is a party for "all" the people!
Rating: -14
I live across from David Lam.
They have a bunch of tables set up and centrepiece with an Aerial Silk artist in it.

Residents don't even get a notice like they do for other events. I'm not looking forward to a bunch of drunk white clad idiots in the park tonight.
Rating: +10
Steve Jones
This is the worst journalism ever. Sounds like someone is upset they couldn't go so they're ruining the party for everyone. Stephen Hui you are a hack.
Rating: -11
Stephen Hui
Hi Steve Jones: I'm not sure how this post is "ruining the party for everyone".

Unless you didn't want anyone who's not all dressed in white to see you all dressed in white.
Rating: +14
Joe Canadian
This event has shut down the seawall bike and pedestrian lanes?!
They placed barricades and a sign detouring cyclists onto a lower pedestrian walkway. Very dangerous. Cyclists should dismount for their own safety and that of pedestrians. Where are police, security and the city of Vancouver Engineering department?
Rating: +10
Color run
You are awesome ! I'm going to ride my bike through the barricades. Anyone want to come?????
Rating: +6
All I know is this city is congested enough as it is. Having super secret parties that block off any roads, or create even more traffic build up is stupid. So to the organizers of this party, I say, "I hope someone spills spaghetti on your white clothes"
Rating: -7
Seriously people?! You're actually complaining about a 5 hr once a year event that brings a little mystery, culture, and Fun into our city because it momentarily disrupts a small snap of it (that most of you probably won't even be going near tonight, lol)?!! Suck it up for a few hours guys, and enjoy the the little piece of magic, whether you're involved or not. Geez, no wonder we're called the No Fun City with attitudes like this!! Its MY backyard too...And I'm choosing to soak it in. Otherwise, move to the 'burbs ;-) Vive la Diner (& all the beautiful celebrations we're afforded!).
Rating: +10
No Fun
I see the No Fun Squad is out in full force. How horrible that a very popular event takes place in Vancouver without asking the usual curmudgeons if they agree.

Alicia, you live across the street from David Lam park. Not many people can afford that so quit your fucking whining and go take an extra yoga class tonight and relax.
Rating: 0
No Fun and Red Dawn, I think we should move the event across the street from your homes.
Rating: -6
No Fun
Home - I live on E. Broadway with traffic, buses, ambulances, fire engines, cops, Harley's and street racers going by every night. The only quiet time is about 4am. I'll take one night of any event, any time.
Rating: +1
No Fun, noise is noise.
Rating: -1
Yaletown Blanco
I think the best part is how someone convinced 3000 people to pay between 35-40$/each to bring their own table, chairs, food and drink to a public place to dine. No rental fee for David Lam Park. Minus total cost involved on website promotion, marketing and event rentals. Possible profit: $100K+
Well played Vancouver, no wonder the VSE crumbled years ago.
Rating: -4
How was this a 'surprise' to anyone? They all hyped it up with 'Where are we going? Where are we going?' as if they were four-year-olds hoping to go the Magical Land of Oz for the first time ever. Vancouver is so small that an outdoors event like this couldn't go unnoticed for more than an hour regardless of where it took place. And with Twitter, the whole city knew exactly where it was happening many, many hours before it actually did (the moment they started setting it up). So all those trying to hype it up just looked ridiculous.

Regardless of what this event may in fact be, it surely appears as a silly gathering of people who have the sad need to dress up in white and appear in the news as they attempt to hobnob with... whom exactly? It was nothing special, just a few thousand people having a very ordinary (and of course overpriced) meal outdoors, dressed as if they'd COME out to attend a WIMBLEDON BAPTISM of SURRENDERING CHEFS.

Apart from huge media coverage, the event is absolutely nothing special. It’s poorly managed and has no particular purpose or meaning whatsoever. It’s a non-elitist gathering of elite-wannabes. And if you’re gonna have something like this, then at least keep it open for all, as having a lottery (which is probably rigged so at least a thousand of those who ‘really need to be there’ actually end up at the event) that lets 3,500 attend and 31,500 miss out just makes it even more off-putting. And have you noticed how racially white this event is? A few Asian faces here and there, but 98% white. It’s either because this lottery favours whites – and it wouldn’t be the first one - or because the non-white communities are not interested in it as it reminds of a mellowed down KKK convention.

Give me Causeplay or Zombiewalk anytime over this pompous white slime – and I don’t even like Causeplay nor Zombiewalk.
Rating: +3
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