CTV Vancouver's Shannon Paterson pops up on Howard Stern's show

It's not every day that a local TV reporter is heard on Howard Stern's incredibly popular satellite radio show.

But when Shannon Paterson broadcast a story about a Surrey Pastafarian who wanted to wear a pasta strainer for his driver's licence photo, it was quirky enough to draw the attention of one of Stern's producers.

Obi Canuel was allowed to put the dish on his head for his B.C. services card.

Paterson pops up at 0:58 of Stern's broadcast.

She said "pasta" in her report; Stern claimed the proper term is "pahsta".

If you put "pasta strainer + drivers licence" in Google images, you'll discover that this isn't the first time this has been attempted.

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Can't wait till Stern finds out how the Canucks pronounce Mazda, Yahoo, Progress and Decal.
Rating: -5
Margaret Gunning
I didn't realize it was pronounced PAWWWWHH-STUHHHHH. I shall have to be more diligent in the future.
Rating: -3
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