Rain delays start of Burning Man 2014

According to the official Twitter feed of Burning Man, the start of the week-long desert festival has been delayed due to unseasonably wet weather.

The event, which sees 50,000 people trek into the middle of Nevada's Black Rock Desert to practice "radical self-reliance" and "radical self-expression" while assembling massive art projects, burning a giant man-shaped effigy, and—let's be honest—do a bunch of drugs and have sex with near-strangers, has been held annually since 1989.

Neil Girling

Burning Man has faced criticism from various outlets lately, particularly a story in the New York Times, which focused on newly wealthy tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, who spend upwards of $2,000,000 on amenities to play hippie in the desert.

Attendees of this year's event are being encouraged to stay in Reno until the rains subside; cars that have made it to the entrance of the festival are being turned back.

For updated traffic and event info, check out @BurningMan.

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These people have no respect for the desert and should be sent back home expeditiously.
Rating: -22
Cartman's Revenge

Shhhh. Don't disturb the flow of faux hippies to the desert. FEMA's final solution mustn't be thwarted.
Rating: +10
For people who have not attended burning man, its sad to see or read such judgment. People work very hard to uphold the integrity of the beautiful dessert. The idea of sex and drugs being the only thing of interest at burning man is clearly the idea of very closed minded people who are to afraid to be themselves. This is a terrible article and I truly hope know one pays to close of attention to it.
Rating: +16
The haters who don't get it, never will. Enough said.

Rating: +18
I prayed, beseeched the Gods, did a rain dance and Viola, it worked!
Rating: 0
Absolutely! One need only take note of the author of this article. Miranda Nelson is a first rate hater, especially when it comes to people using firearms to protect themselves.
Rating: +6
Doug Campbell
Always so much easier to judge than to describe, learn from, accept, and embrace what makes us individual and unique. Search for the common ground of humanity we all stand on, then celebrate the differences that allow us to write our own stories and be who we are. That's the spirit of Burning Man, and if you don't agree, simply align and direct your energies elsewhere.
Rating: +1
Eat swamp Melvin.
Rating: +4
James Blatchford
"You see, the whole thing is...if you have a festival with all the stops pulled out, kids running around naked, fucking in the bushes...And, doing every damned thing they're inclined to do....."

Local resident - Isle of Wight Festival 1970
From: "Message of Love"
Rating: -9
Gerald Warlord
Good! Maybe this will hinder IONS's bogus "research" they were trying to conduct there.

Rating: -6
Aww. shame
So sad for the attendees who spent all year working & saving up money to go play 'barter system' in the desert. No irony to see here.
Rating: -3
Sadly most of the Burners I've met up here are far more interested in their "tribe" than anything else. AKA if you haven't been, they have no time for you, write you off as a hater, etc. The art looks amazing. The creativity looks amazing. But while you're there--look around you and count the non-Caucasian people.
Rating: -9
Vachot Pan
No, barter is not condoned. Here is what Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man, has to say about barter: "Barter is a market transaction. It's somewhat more connective than using money. You have to haggle, of course, and you're more likely to meet the producer of a good. But it's essentially commerce, and I think it mars our event. People are accustomed to living amid a marketplace, and, in many cases, I think barter may be the closest approximation they can make to gift giving. It's commerce sneaking in through our back door. In some instances, I think it's sort of ugly and disturbing."

Read the interview to get an insight into this particular aspect of the complex event known as Burning Man:
Rating: 0
Well said.
I have gone to countless parties with burners and they are all the same. If you don't go or haven't gone they simply lose interest and talk to the next person wearing goggles and pink hair.

Like the Dog crowd. No dog "NO TIME FOR YOU"

Love the house parties they throw under the guise of "Fundraiser".

They promote parties as a good cause to help out the less fortunate, then you find out it's for gas money for the HUGE RV that will truck down ten people so they can be "Self Sustaining" but they never pay the artists that bring them crowds so it's a bit much to hear about all this "giving".

How loving indeed.
Rating: +2
Papago Mama
Before your hate, put it on your bucket list. Go, see, experience and then comment.
Rating: +3
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