Stupidest stunt ever wins unlikely press coverage

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      On Friday (August 22), at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster, Matt Frame chained himself to a coconut and embarked on a 24-hour, 109.2km walk.

      The stunt—described in the filmmaker’s own media release as “absurd”, “moronic”, and “stupid”—was designed to raise funds for Camp Death III: The Final Summer, a movie currently in the final days of an Indiegogo campaign.

      Quoted in the media release, co-producer Shawn Bordoff described Frame’s “Walk 4 Death” as “a little sad.”

      Added Bordoff: “Especially since it’s his fourth film and he shouldn’t need to humiliate himself to make another movie. Still, I admire his effort and when it comes to promotional stunts, you never know. This one might actually work.”

      Frame’s bid to break the previous record for coconut-walking endurance is particularly poignant in light of the fact that there is no previous record.

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