East Van Garbage Watch: Three bags of trash in an alley

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      East Vancouver smells like shit.

      Between West Coast Reduction's rendering plant on North Commercial, the vomit and urine streaking the sidewalks and alleyways after special events, and the epic piles of garbage, it's hard to argue that the east side of town smells like anything other than rancid death.

      To wit, I present the lastest installment of East Van Garbage Watch (patent pending): a semi-regular series of photos of disgustingness.

      Today's offender: Let's throw our garbage in the alley, shall we?

      To the charmer who dropped three stinky bags of garbage in the alley behind Tyee elementary school, I've just one question:

      What is wrong with you?

      Won't anyone think of the children?!
      Miranda Nelson
      I suppose garbage is slightly less fragrant when it's not in direct sunlight.
      Miranda Nelson

      Bonus pic: Dude Chilling Park's garbage dost be overflowing. Still.

      "Ahoy East Van Garage Watch! Seen at Dude Chilling Park."
      Cheryl Cheeks

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