The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the rEvolver Theatre Festival

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      From May 24 to June 4, the rEvolver Theatre Festival takes over the Cultch (1895 Venables).

      The fifth annual event, presented by Upintheair Theatre, showcases fresh and vibrant works created by emerging and mid-career artists from across the country.

      Theatre fans can expect to take in nine mainstage shows as well as three offsite productions. Companion events will be announced shortly.

      The Princess Show is coproduced by Heist and Theatre Outré.

      Mainstage shows include I'm Doing This For You (Haley McGee), The Princess Show (Heist and Theatre Outré), Tombstone: A Cardboard Western (Ramshackle Theatre), Last Train In (rice & beans theatre), (i·m)position (Luciterra Dance Company), NeOn-­ね音-­ (Ode. Movements Society), shiny (Kelly McInnes), SPAWN (Cheyenne Scott), and Vampires in Barcelona (Skinny Walrus Projects).

      Offiste projects feature All the Way (O,o,o,o.), Habitats (Isabelle Kirouac and Nayana Fielkov), and Soliloquy in English (Patrick Blenkarn).

      Audiences can also take part in a series of free and by donation readings and events that will demonstrate the incubation progress of creating new work, including Plunge: Emerging Artists' Works in Progress, the Updrafts Reading Series, and the Writers' Group.

      Tickets for the rEvolver Theatre Festival are available online.