This week in video games, May 15, 2017: For Honor gets two new characters

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      This week, details on Razer's new gaming mouse, Steep's new festival, and games releasing soon. But first a look at two new heroes coming to For Honor, season two.

      Shadow and Might is season two of For Honor fighting game and releases this week

      The amazing For Honor is introducing two new character types.

      Shinobi are samurai assassins that wield the kusarigama weapon, which has two sicklelike blades connected by a chain. The Centurian is a knight hybrid equipped with the gladius short sword used in ancient Rome.

      Two new maps are also being rolled out with the update, and new "epic" gear will increase the maximum gear score possible for your hero.

      The Faction War resets this week, too, so get in there and fight.

      Winterfest craziness comes to Steep slopes

      Ubisoft's Steep is all about extreme sports experiences in mountain environs.

      With the Winterfest downloadable content for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, players can try to take the throne from the Beast, a yeti living in the Alps.

      To do so, you'll have to complete 21 challenges that will have you in wingsuits and on your skis and snowboards and that culminates in a boss battle against the Beast himself.

      You can also career down the slopes in a sled straight out of Citizen Kane.

      Razer's new wireless mouse designed for tournament play

      The laser mouse has long been preferred by tournament and professional gamers. But not all lasers are the same. And getting them to work wirelessly has always been a challenge.

      Razer's "adaptive frequency technology", though, is among the best at providing lag-free transmission between a wireless mouse and a computer system, and the company recently revealed that they are using that technology in the new Lancehead, which has 16,000 DPI sensing and 210 inches-per-second tracking.

      Available in the next couple of weeks, the Lancehead can be preordered for US$140.

      A wired model, the Lancehead Tournament Edition has the same sensor capability and 450 inches-per-second tracking. It's available now for $80.

      Releasing this week

      • Oxygen Not Inlcuded: The latest from Klei Entertainment goes into early access on Steam this week. This is a space colony sim, and while it's in this phase of release, it's discounted at only US$25. If you've got any other Klei game on Steam, you get a further 20-percent discount.
      • Injustice 2: The fighting game that pits DC comics heroes—and villains—against each other. Available for PS4 and Xbox One.
      • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia: For Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, this game mixes tactical-strategy gameplay with role-playing. Also launching on May 19 are amiibo figures of the Alm and Celica characters, the two protagonists of the game.