Absolutely Fabulous 20th anniversary specials: second episode

A second serving of the 20th anniversary specials of Absolutely Fabulous is now available for viewing online (for the moment).

Eddy and Patsy still look absolutely fabulous as ever (except for Eddy's outfits, of course). And also of course, Saffy is still as socially conscious and much-abused by her superficial and vapid mother as ever.

In this episode, Eddy tries to represent a French film star who wants to sing. But can't. And it includes some cameos by Emma Bunton and Lulu.

This episode is part of a series of episodes released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the British comedy series. (The first special in the series aired at Christmas time in the U.K.)

The Videodrome Discothèque Vault Presents: Another New Absolutely Fabulous from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

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