Amazing Giorgio Moroder rarities hit Soundcloud

Electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder has uploaded an amazing array of rarities to his Soundcloud. Although he’s probably best known for the Donna Summer hit “I Feel Love”, those with a passion for Moroder’s soundtrack work from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s will poop their disco pants when they see what’s available. Included among the gems is “Night Drive”, the instrumental version of Blondie’s “Call Me” that he co-wrote with Debbie Harry for the film American Gigolo.

Black Mountain’s Jeremy Schmidt recently told the Straight that he bonded with filmmaker Panos Cosmatos over American Gigolo when he was hired to score the film Beyond the Black Rainbow. No doubt they’ll both be beyond stoked to find that Moroder is offering the vinyl-only 12” remix of “Chase”, his theme from 1978’s Midnight Express, as a free high quality (30mb) download.

Also available—the rare German version of early hit, “Stop”, from 1966.

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He is the greatest of all 21st century musician who has kicked off usage of electronics and computers to create sounds and beats that democratized music creativity, until only limited to the contemporary musical instruments.
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