Animal rights activist wants to shoot Canucks hunter David Booth—with a camera

Vancouver Canucks left winger David Booth likes to trophy hunt, a fact that's obvious to anyone following him on Twitter.

This doesn't sit well with local animal rights activist Peter Hamilton. In October, the director of Lifeforce challenged the hockey player to be the "prey" in a Mantracker-style mock trophy hunt.

Wellbig surpriseHamilton says he hasn't heard back from the Canucks forward. So now the activist is issuing Booth a follow-up challenge. In an email sent out over the weekend, Hamilton states:

Lifeforce’s new challenge to David Booth is to take us along with him on his hunting trips so we can document what wildlife endure being hunted down, shot, and slowly bleeding to death.

Hamilton's apparently hoping that being shadowed by Lifeforce will lead to Booth dropping hunting and taking up wildlife photography.

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Lori Paul
To kill just for the thrill of killing, with no need for the meat and purposely taking out the biggest, healthiest males for 'sport' convinces me that David Booth has a very small penis indeed. I hope he gets eaten by a Grizzly, slowly.
Rating: +6
I hate hippies
Haha stupid hippie
Rating: -3
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