Anthrax covers Thin Lizzy, Rush, AC/DC, and... Journey?

Seventies-rock fans who also have a place in their hearts for thrash-metal stylings may see the best of both worlds collide with the upcoming re-release of Anthrax's 2011 CD, Worship Music.

The Big Four band--which scored a Grammy nomination last month in the Best Rock/Metal Performance category for the Worship Music track "I'm Alive"--recently returned to the studio to finish recording versions of Rush's "Anthem" and AC/DC's "TNT" (both from 1975), Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" and Boston's "Smokin' " (both from '76), Cheap Trick's "Big Eyes" ('77), and Journey's "Keep on Runnin' " (1981).

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian told the other day that the six songs will likely surface on an expanded edition of Worship Music, and well as digital downloads for those who already own it.

The only track that seems questionable to these ears is the Journey cover--and not just because it's the sole choice from the '80s, which sucked compared to the '70s. I just don't think "Keep on Runnin' " is that great of a song.

But according to Ian, Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna really nailed the tune, giving original Journey vocalist Steve Perry a run for his money.

"Joey's performance on the Journey song, specifically, really blows my mind," said Ian. "Someone mentioned that [Journey guitarist] Neal Schon better not hear this or we might lose our singer."

Yikes! The thought of Joey Belladonna fronting Journey is even scarier than the thought of Anthrax covering a substandard Journey track! At any rate, I'm way more psyched to hear Anthrax rip into Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak". Here's their 2001 version of "Cowboy Song", with John Bush on vocals.


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"The Cowboy Song" was originally recorded in 1993.
Rating: -3
Steve Newton
I stand corrected. I fall down corrected too.
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