Avril Lavigne covers Nickelback: "How You Remind Me"

Avril Lavigne just cracks herself up.

How adorable! Not only is she going to marry the big lug, but Avril Lavigne clearly loves Chad Kroeger's songs. Lavigne has recorded a version of Nickelback's hit "How You Remind Me" for the soundtrack of a Japanese anime movie called One Piece Film: Z. That's one hell of a title, so I can only assume the film will be equally incomprehensible.

Fun fact: "How You Remind Me" is Straight music editor Mike Usinger's favourite Nickelback song. No foolin'! He won't even deny it.

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glen anderson character
wow good version good singer character ya be avril character lots of breathing in between lyrics flows well are ya playin piano 2 just currious k
Rating: -2
whoa dud!! avril lavigne-back really slayed it! i hope she cuts her hair like chad's! i can't wait for the release of blink 182 bareback!
Rating: 0
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