Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and something about binders full of women

If you're still wondering why everyone on your Twitter feed has been making #bindersfullofwomen jokes all day, here's a rundown of last night's (October 16) U.S. presidential debate from our favourite Taiwanese animators.

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Do you think Mitt Romney would be a sexist U.S. president?

Yes 76%
85 votes
No 21%
23 votes
Undecided 4%
4 votes
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A. MacInnis
Damn. For a second there, I thought that read "do you think Mitt Romney would be the sexiest US president?"
Rating: +3
Dude his a Mormon Fundamentalist they take both the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament literally.

Including breeding Women like Rabbits amongst other bizarre beliefs.

They are also Homophobic, Anti-Gay & Racist.

The church's political involvement and stance on homosexuality is denounced by the 2010 documentary film 8: The Mormon Proposition.

The New York Times calls the film "highly emotional" it also states "The documentary is really two films roughly stitched together. The first two-thirds tells the history of Proposition 8; the final third is a wrenching exploration of the effects on gay Mormons of the church’s strict taboo on homosexuality."

it concludes "The movie shows the depth of religion-based loathing of homosexuality, like that of abortion, to be primal."
Rating: +1
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