The bed head rules in 2012 as the top male hairstyle has compiled a list of the "Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Men in 2012".

The first entry is the "Bed head", which is described this way:

As its name suggests, the bed head hairstyle is supposed to look like you’ve just gotten out of bed, giving it a tousled appearance. What’s great about the bead head is that you can get it right, even on a bad hair day. Any guy can wear the bed head, no matter his face shape. Take note, however, that while the style looks messy, it actually takes a bit of preparation to achieve.

Bed-head devotees include Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllanhall, and, at times, the short-fingered vulgarian who goes by the name of Donald Trump.

The rest of the Top 10 hottest male hairstyles are the pompadour, quiff, short buzz, double slick, side-parted, peaked side crop, Mohawk, long hair, and short-spiked.

Here's the lowdown on short-spiked, which seems to us like yesterday's news:

The spiked hairdo hasn’t really gone away—it sort of just evolved. There are styles with spiked hair up top, and there are others that look like a mix of faux hawk and spiked hair. Whatever variation, you need a considerable amount of gel to keep your hair standing on end. 

Yuck. Who in their right mind wants to walk around with gel in their hair?

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And who in their right mind wants to walk around with a hair-do emulating the gave-you-the-finger Donald Trump?
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