Bel Café celebrates Vancouver Pride Week with Pride macarons

To coincide with Vancouver Pride Week (July 30 to August 5), Bel Café (801 West Georgia Street) will be launching limited edition Pride macarons starting July 30.

The macarons will be available in a variety of colours, including pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, and green, and all macarons will be filled with a light, peach champagne ganache. The Pride macarons will be sold in packs of eight for $16 or a single for $2.

The European-style café at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia isn’t the only company launching a special Pride-themed dessert; Oreo unveiled its own controversial rainbow-filled cookie last month.

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jonny .
I dont get why macarons are so expensive. I have never eaten one, but I cant see why such a small cookie would cost so much. I cant imagine they are that amazing. To me it seems more like a prestige thing. A snobby, expensive cookie for the elite.

I could be wrong, I have not tasted one. And I dont plan on dropping a couple bucks for one bite.
Rating: +10
Cookie Elitist
a) they are a pastry, not a cookie

b) the reason they are so expensive is the ingredients that go in them and the long, complex, and extremely difficult process that goes into making them

c) before labeling something as "snobby" and "elitist," perhaps you should do some simple research and drop a couple of bucks on one to understand why they are vastly different from your typical cookie and how yes, they do taste amazing (when prepared correctly) and the combination of the flavour and texture of a macaron is worth every penny (again, when prepared correctly)
Rating: -2
LA mac lover
"All macarons will be filled with a light, peach champagne ganache."
Can't they vary the flavors to go with the colors like other good macaron bakeries?
Rating: 0
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