The best political list of the year

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      The federal New Democrats are feeling a bit battered today.

      That's because an Ipsos Reid poll shows that most Canadians think the Liberals can return to power with Justin Trudeau as leader.

      But hey, give the knee dippers a break. They still managed to come up with the best list of the year in Canadian politics.

      Their Top 10 Conservative lowlights of 2012 provides a decent rundown of the shortcomings of the Harper regime.

      Here they are—in David Letterman's preferred order.

      10. Heartless refugee health care cuts

      9. Conservatives' war on the environment

      8. Cutting Employment Insurance benefits and eligibility

      7. Scandals, ethical lapses, and naughtiness by Conservative cabinet ministers

      6. CFIA cuts and Conservative food-safety failures

      5. OAS eligibility to be raised from 65 to 67

      4. Monster budget bills—the omnibus approach to unaccountable government

      3. Stories of Conservative voter suppression

      2. Replacing our aging CF-18s—the F-35 fiasco

      1. State-owned Chinese company takeover of Nexen rubber stamped by Stephen Harper

      Some of us might quibble with the sequence.

      The Nexen takeover was probably put first precisely because Trudeau also supported the deal, even though food-safety failures are more likely to kill us.

      If you want more details on each one, you can go here.


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      Jan 5, 2013 at 5:29pm

      Clearly Mulcair will kill the NDP's chances and Trudeau is another corporate shill. Time to go Green or something.