For Blackwater founder Erik Prince, war really is a game

As if it's not bad enough that Erik Prince founded a private security firm that's profited off the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and been linked to civilian killings and accusations of corruption.

Now, the Christian fundamentalist and former Navy Seal is turning Blackwater into a video game.

Blackwater, the first-person shooter, will be released on October 25 for Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Apparently, players can't actually take out civilians or bribe officials in the game.

But gamers do earn extra points for shooting enemies in the head.

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Steve Newton
How low can you go. when does Halliburton's steal-the-oilfield game hit shelves?
Rating: +1
Conscientious Gamer
Modern Warfare 3 is available on November 8. I suggest anyone looking for an FPS game to save their money until early November, because clearly this is a Kinect-enabled derivative of every other shooting game, except instead of playing fictitious special forces, you're playing the low-life mercenaries of the US.
Rating: -3
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