Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten launches new menu items at Market at the Shangri-La Hotel

It's not everyday that a renowned international chef pays a visit to Vancouver. So upon hearing that Jean-Georges Vongerichten would be at his only restaurant in Canada, Market at the Shangri-La Hotel, for the launch of a new spring menu items, I knew I wanted to be there.

Since Market opened two years ago, its French-meets-West Coast menu hasn’t changed all that much. Some favourites from the dinner menu include the seared scallops with caramelized cauliflower and caper-raisin emulsion, as well as the soy-glazed short ribs with apple-jalapeno puree and rosemary crumbs.

However, change is good—and often necessary—with several fine-dining establishments, including Daniel Boulud's Lumií¨re, having to close its doors lately.

Market's new editions to both its lunch and dinner menus are light, fresh, and quintessentially West Coast. I was able to sample a few items, including a spoonful of delicate steelhead salmon sashimi with green chili, crushed pistachios, and mint atop. A particularly unique item was the raw tuna with wasabi cream cheese and pickled ginger pizza, which was buttery and flavorful. Finally, the dessert item I sampled was a luxe take on Eskimo pie, an ice-cube-sized serving of vanilla ice-cream wrapped in dark chocolate.

I regret missing the scallop sashimi with warm crispy rice and chipotle emulsion, which I heard was very good, but that will just have to wait until the next time I'm at Market.

To go with chef de cuisine Karen Gin's delightful new eats were two cocktails by bartender Jay Jones. Both were inspired by wines from Spain, featuring Alvaro Palacios' La Vendimia red and Telmo Rodriguez's Basa white.

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