Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx declared on his Facebook page the other day that he’d “probably” turn down induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Led Zeppelin announced today that it will release a super-deluxe boxed-set edition of its best album, 1975's Physical Graffiti.

The package--newly remastered by Jimmy Page and featuring previously unreleased tracks--will hit stores on February 24, 40 years to the day after the release of the original.

In case you forgot what was so great about it, here's a reminder:

And here's some promotional bumph from the Zep website:


When I talked to Vancouver-based comic and actor Brent Butt a couple months ago we spent most of the time chatting about how he came to make Corner Gas: The Movie, which he described as "the little-cherry-on-top kinda thing" in relation to his popular Corner Gas TV series, which had halted production back in 2009.

But we also talked quite a bit about the show's ultra-catchy theme song, because I love it and always have. I think it deserves the title of Best Canadian Pop-Rock Ditty of All Time.

Old-school hard-rock freaks in Vancouver—the ones who remember when The Tokyo Tapes was released, anyway—might want to consider a couple of road trips to Washington State this winter. Two concerts featuring former members of the Scorpions are scheduled to take place in Seattle, but no local dates have been announced.


My nephew in Kelowna—concert photographer Jet Sutherland—just sent me a picture of his truck.

He says it snowed a bit there last night and today.

It just stopped, he says, and although he's not a licensed meteorologist, he reckons "more may come".

Let's hope so.

It probably won't garner as many headlines as the announcement of the upcoming AC/DC world tour, but I just found out that my old buddy's cover band is playing the 40-year reunion for the Chilliwack Senior High School class of 1975.

So I guess I'll go.

The band was put together recently by a couple of guys who work in produce at Save-On Foods in Chilliwack, and they named it Cold Chain--something to do with refrigeration at the store. It also features another grocery guy on drums who I went to elementary school with. And the keyboardist is a pretty smokin' jazz player.

Names are being withheld to protect the innocent--or maybe just me.

For me, it's always a good year for concerts when the Drive-By Truckers can be included in the year-end wrap-up, and their performance at the Vogue Theatre on April 22 was one of the two best gigs I attended in 2014. It helped that the Alabama/Georgia-based band was touring behind one of its finest albums ever, English Oceans, which was a shoo-in for my Top 10 of the year list. 

So, I hear One Direction is coming to Vancouver for a big stadium show next year.


They may be cute, as my teenage daughter won't stop saying, but do they whip their arms around in a circular frenzy to create "windmill" power chords?

Do they swing microphones over their heads, around and around, in an ever-widening circle, before skilfully reeling them in?

Do they suffer from tinnitus and have a ringing in their ears because they refused to turn down their guitar amps back in the '70s?

No they don't.

Saskatchewan blues-rocker Reignwolf plays Venue tonight, and you can read all about his accomplishments of 2014—including touring with Black Sabbath and recording in Dave Grohl's studio—right here.

And if you're a truly devoted fan of the incendiary prairie musician, aka Jordan Cook, you can also read this interview I did with him 13 years ago, when he was a teenager playing the old Yale Hotel.

Even back then he had a few accomplishments under his belt. 

Former Georgia Straight music editor Sir Bob Geldof recently launched an online campaign to raise funds for the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Now a Hong Kong horror flick set for release on video this March will take a much less kind and not-even-close-to-gentle approach to drawing attention to the virus.

The film, Ebola Zombies, will be unleashed on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on March 24. It is described as "The Raid meets Dawn of the Dead".

Here's the official synopsis: