My favourite action movie of all time has got to be Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, or—as it was known in Canada when it first hit theatres in 1982—The Road Warrior. I remember walking out of the Granville strip moviehouse I saw it in—I think it was the Vogue—and feeling like everything I saw and heard around me seemed a little more vivid than it did two hours earlier. 

It's the same sort of mental buzz I would get four years later from one of my all-time fave horror flicks, The Hitcher.

There's something about brilliantly shot, suspense-stoked chase films that just does that to me, I guess.

Here's some interesting news for horror fans. Apparently Sam Raimi—director of the original Evil Dead films and other genre gems like Darkman and Drag Me to Hell—is developing a TV series based on his Evil Dead franchise.

According to the website, Raimi let slip earlier today at the San Diego Comic-Con that he is currently writing the series along with his brother Ivan and original Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell.

One of my favourite things to do as a music-crazed teen in the '70s was to go to record stores and buy albums based solely on how rockin' they looked.

I can still remember checking out the record bins and laying my eyes on a 1972 album by a group that I'd never heard before called Status Quo. The album was called Piledriver. Did it ever look rockin':

I snapped that sucker up and took it home and spent many an hour transfixed by its straightforward guitar-boogie. I was especially fond of a song called "Big Fat Mama", which was fast and then slow and then fast again and went on for like six minutes or so.

A couple of years back I came across a fun little word game called What's Your Blues Name?, where you use your first, middle, and last names to find yourself a cool blues-musician-type name.

Mine was Blind Dog Thompkins.

Just today I came across another one of those wacky things called How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?

Turns out I'd be "knocked off by Lucille Ball at a drive-in movie."

That's a pretty lame way to go, I gotta say. It's nothing like the fate awaiting Straight movies editor Adrian Mack, who is destined to be "eaten by Miley Cyrus at a cabin on the lake."

Poor guy.

BREAKING: through sources that will remain nameless, the Newt has managed to aquire a photo of evil L.A. gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg trying to corrupt innocent Canadian TV character "Bubbles" with what looks like a marijuana cigarette, or "joint" as the Yankee drug fiends like to call it.

The shocking incident apparently occured at the Pemberton Music Festival over the weekend.

Thirty years ago today—on July 23, 1984—Kim Mitchell played the first show of a two-night stand at Club Soda, that old rockin' party palace on Homer Street.

He had just released his second solo album, Akimbo Alogo, and f*** was that a great album!

Besides his biggest solo hit ever, "Go For Soda", Akimbo boasted such Pye Dubois-cowritten classics as "Diary for Rock 'n' Roll Men", "Rumour Has It", and that primo ode to brewskis, "Lager & Ale".

That album was as good as anything Max Webster put out, and that's saying a lot.

Mitchell called me from Toronto the week before the Vancouver doubleheader, and here's what went down: 

I was just watching an old Seinfeld rerun—a 1996 episode called “The Shower Head” where Jerry and his buddies are forced to purchase “black market” showerheads through Newman because they can’t get enough water pressure to decently rinse their hair—and noticed something interesting.

At the part in the show where Elaine corners Jerry’s mom on the way to his washroom so she can intercept some of her pee for a drug test, you can clearly see some of the VHS titles on the bookshelf to their left.

Devoted Johnny Winter fans are still mourning the passing of the Texas guitar legend, who died last  Wednesday (July 16) at the age of 70. They’ve no doubt been playing the hell out of his vast array of awesome albums, or reminiscing about the times they saw him tear things up in concert.

If you’re a hardcore John Mellencamp fan and you just lost your entire Mellencamp CD collection because your house burned down, and now you’ve gotta go live in a small apartment without a lot of space for discs, have I got the thing for you.

Tomorrow (July 22), Universal Music Canada is releasing John Mellencamp 1978-2012, which compiles 19 of his albums into one small box. It ain’t cheap, but you do get a total of 223 tracks for your money. And hey–you had replacement insurance for your personal belongings, right?

Dinosaur Jr. plays the Pemberton Music Festival tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Here's a classic interview I did with J. Mascis way back in 1991.


J. Mascis is a man of few words—and many pauses, sighs, and yawns.

That’s when he’s being interviewed, anyway.

In concert, with his band Dinosaur Jr., Mascis creates quite a ruckus, as should be the case when the band plays 86 Street next Saturday (June 22).

The Georgia Straight called singer/writer/guitarist/producer Mascis in Toronto recently and coaxed a few words from the Reticent One about his new album, Green Mind.

You produced and wrote everything on Green Mind yourself. Have you always made albums that way?

I’ve produced before.