A couple of years back I came across a fun little word game called What's Your Blues Name?, where you use your first, middle, and last names to find yourself a cool blues-musician-type name.

Mine was Blind Dog Thompkins.

Just today I came across another one of those wacky things called How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?

Turns out I'd be "knocked off by Lucille Ball at a drive-in movie."

That's a pretty lame way to go, I gotta say. It's nothing like the fate awaiting Straight movies editor Adrian Mack, who is destined to be "eaten by Miley Cyrus at a cabin on the lake."

Poor guy.

Environment Canada's website carries a map showing a lot of red in southeastern B.C.

It's designed to show where there is a public weather alert of severe thunderstorms.

Meteorologists are keeping an eye on a storm crossing the U.S. border into Canada south of Trail.

"This thunderstorm is capable of producing strong wind gusts, dime to nickel size hail and heavy rain," the website states. "Large hail can damage property and cause injury."

There are warnings of possible washouts near rivers, creeks, and culverts.

Vancouver's Pride Week is almost upon us and here's a delicious and nutritious way to get into gear for it.

This year's annual Pride Picnic in the Park, which takes place at Brockton Oval on Saturday (July 26) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., boasts two of Canada's top culinary competitors on board: Shelley Robinson and Rockin' Ronnie (who will be cooking from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Shelley Robinson is certainly a chef to be reckoned with. She was not only a Top Chef Canada contestant, but won the Food Network's Chopped CanadaTV show competition.

Today, a Korean documentary crew visited the Georgia Straight to ask about our coverage of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Bohae Cha, a fourth-year SFU psychology student, served as the interviewer and translator. 

The cameraman, Jong-Sang Lee, hails from Hamilton and has taken footage in Canada for Korean TV producers.

They approached the Straight because we've tried to shine a light on the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on people's health.

We've done this in part because it has been so utterly ignored by many Canadian media outlets.

The crew was particularly interested in articles by Alex Roslin about radiation levels in fish caught near Japan.

It may be physically attached to Nicli Antica Pizzeria, but Nicli Next Door stands alone.

Bill McCaig, who owns the popular Gastown pizza place, originally conceived of a space where people waiting for a table could have a drink and a bite to eat. (Waits at Nicli Antica, which doesn't take reservations, can reach 40 minutes on a busy weekend night.)  But when I visited for a recent media preview, it's clear that Next Door could be a destination in itself.

Every weekday, the Straight highlights a great local shot as the Photo of the Day. Interested in submitting your photos for consideration? Check out our Flickr group.

BREAKING: through sources that will remain nameless, the Newt has managed to aquire a photo of evil L.A. gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg trying to corrupt innocent Canadian TV character "Bubbles" with what looks like a marijuana cigarette, or "joint" as the Yankee drug fiends like to call it.

The shocking incident apparently occured at the Pemberton Music Festival over the weekend.

Everyday in the Fairview neighbourhood I see several kinds of birds: crows, seagulls, pigeons, and chickadees to name the most common, but I have never seen a Steller’s jay until today.

That’s kind of a shame. From the tips of its electric blue wings to the top of its charcoal crested head, the Steller’s jay is an eye-catching bird. It’s also British Columbia’s provincial bird.

Our official bird isn’t a raven lunatic?

The Steller’s jay is as common in most parts of British Columbia as it’s uncommon in Fairview. It doesn’t even normally migrate south in the winter time—there’s always somewhere to go in B.C. to get away from the snow and the cold.

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed English electronic producer and musician Jon Hopkins at Fortune Sound Club. Devin Cox was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pick of the morning. Jon Hopkins at Fortune Sound Club on July 22, 2014. Thanks Devin.

Thirty years ago today—on July 23, 1984—Kim Mitchell played the first show of a two-night stand at Club Soda, that old rockin' party palace on Homer Street.

He had just released his second solo album, Akimbo Alogo, and f*** was that a great album!

Besides his biggest solo hit ever, "Go For Soda", Akimbo boasted such Pye Dubois-cowritten classics as "Diary for Rock 'n' Roll Men", "Rumour Has It", and that primo ode to brewskis, "Lager & Ale".

That album was as good as anything Max Webster put out, and that's saying a lot.

Mitchell called me from Toronto the week before the Vancouver doubleheader, and here's what went down: