Forget about Flashpoint, CSI, or NCIS.

There's a hot new Canadian cop drama out on TV. And it's Canadian.

Rick Mercer stars in the edgy, potentially controversial Upton & Downey, about a pair of Calgarian undercover toboggan cops who go to extreme measures to combat illegal tobogganing.

Calgary has a bylaw which restricts tobogganing to only 18 legal locations in the city. Sledding elsewhere can result in a $100 fine.

Approximately 1,100 Albertans were injured last year due to participating in the risky and morally suspect activity.

As Vancouver continues its pathological rampage of self-destruction by tearing down buildings in ways that will thrill MONSTER TRUCKS!! addicts, fans of the Transformers movies, people who get a kick out of pouring scalding liquids on swarming ants or salt on slugs, or this Confessions reader, an iconic mural has been one of the latest casualties.

The mural in question is one that was painted by American artist Robert Wyland, commonly known as Wyland, who has painted 100 whale murals around the world.

Known as whaling walls, he painted his last one in 2008 in Beijing.

Looking for something to do tomorrow? The Straight’s got you covered. Here are nine events happening in or around Vancouver on Tuesday, January 27.



Los Angeles rock band L.A. Witch takes the stage at the Electric Owl in support of self-titled debut EP release.



At the Frederic Wood Theatre, pot activitst Marc Emery (pictured above) talks about his 20-year career in business, activism, and politics, his time behind bars, and his thoughts on the current legalization debate and progress in both Canada and the United States.

From the heartfelt soul-pop of Sam Smith to the raging death-metal of Cannibal Corpse, Vancouver crams a shipload of concerts into the year's shortest month.

Here's 50 options to get you filling out your calendar way ahead of time.

FEBRUARY 1: the Rogue Folk Club presents Canadian roots band the Duhks at St. James Hall, performing tunes from latest studio album Beyond the Blue.

FEBRUARY 2-3: avant-garde composer, vocalist, and violinist Iva Bittová fuses the Old World and the contemporary at the Fox Cabaret as part of the PuSh Festival.

In case you haven't heard, a paralyzing blizzard of historic proportions is about to hit the Northeastern United States. If you're travelling anywhere near it, you're likely going to need to make alternative plans.

Remember when the members of Blink-182 used the 2009 Grammy Awards to announce that they were getting back together after a bitter split? And how they made that announcement with all the enthusiasm of someone confirming a colonoscopy appointment?

Well, it turns out that their seeming lack of joy about returning to action was indeed genuine.

CBS (that’s right, CBS, as opposed to or has announced that, with the festival season right around the corner, singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge has quit the trio. Again.

It's been a while since we posted something about the closure of a movie theatre. Metro Vancouver went through a wave of closures over the past few years, including Burnaby's Dolphin Theatre in May 2014.

But after 40 years, a movie theatre that was Abbotsford's first cinema is slated to fade to black permanently.

Landmark Cinemas 9 Towne Centre in Abbotsford will close on February 7.

Align Entertainment presents The Addams Family Musical at the Michael J. Fox Theatre (7373 Macpherson Avenue, Burnaby) from February 6 to 21.

The Addams Family Musical is a new, original show about everyone’s favourite dark, kooky family. Wednesday Addams is all grown up and has fallen in love with a boy—from a “normal” family. Now, the Addams family must hide their true colours when they host a dinner for Wednesday’s boyfriend and his parents.

Employees of Kinder Morgan were probably hoping for some good food, lots of booze, and a little office gossip.

They also got a side order of protesters opposed to their company's controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Beyond Boarding, the snowboarders-for-good organization founded by Tamo Campos (David Suzuki's grandson), has posted the following video showing climate-change activists interrupting a Kinder Morgan staff dinner at Fishworks in North Vancouver.

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed top-drawer ska bands the Aggrolites and the Mad Caddies at the Imperial. Will G. was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. The Aggrolites and the Mad Caddies at the Imperial on January 25, 2015. Thanks Will.