Beseiged former radio-show host Jian Ghomeshi is withdrawing the $55-million lawsuit against the CBC, according to reports.

Ghomeshi was fired from the national arts, culture, and entertainment program Q in late October, and had initially claimed it had to do with his sex life involving consensual BDSM.

As the latest victim of of a fatal shooting by Vancouver police is identified, people are rightly questioning why our police even drew a gun on the man.

Yes, he was holding a two-by-four, but no accounts suggest he ever threatened anyone. And an eyewitness account says he was no threat when police shot him.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s shooting appears to be part of a 21st century trend in Canadian law enforcement to “shoot first and ask questions later”.

We need to find out why police in Vancouver and across most of Canada are killing more people than ever before.

At about 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon I was on West Broadway Avenue stopped in the westbound lane at the intersection with Cambie Street.

I had my camera ready so that when the light changed to green I could snap a few photos looking north towards the rush hour traffic on the Cambie Bridge.


I didn’t get the shot I wanted but I did document for posterity the “corner cutting” habit many people induldge in on the northeast side of the intersection.

When the crosswalk light changes to green, these people will begin crossing from the mouth of the alley in the middle of the block, taking a diagonal tack towards the marked crosswalk.

One of my earliest arena-concert memories was of seeing Bad Company on the Run with the Pack Tour at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum back in the spring of '76, I think it was. The opening act was a prog-leaning rock band from Kansas called Kansas, who I remember most because they had a violin player.

This was just a few months before the release of Leftoverture, which included the huge hit "Carry on Wayward Son", which I've never gotten tired of hearing. It was the most-played track on classic rock radio in 1997, so I'm not alone in my fondness for the killer guitar riff delivered by composer Kerry Livgren.

Today’s announcement of the death of Pat Quinn—former Vancouver Canucks player, coach, president, and general manager—caused me to reflect a bit longer than I normally would at such news.

I have always respected Quinn, an imposing former NHL defenceman with the Maple Leafs, the Canucks, and the Atlanta Flames who was probably best known from his playing days for knocking out Bruins megastar Bobby Orr with a postseason blindside hit while a Leafs rookie. Wayne Gretzky has said repeatedly, through the years, that Quinn was the best bench boss in hockey.

Two of David Suzuki’s grandchildren are among more than 50 people who RCMP have arrested at protests against Kinder Morgan that remain ongoing on Burnaby Mountain.

Suzuki’s grandson, Tamo Campos, was apprehended on November 20 and on Sunday (November 23), it was reported that his granddaughter, Tomiko, was also taken into police custody.

There's a new Spanish restaurant in town, and not only is the food and wine Spanish, but so are the proprietor and much of the staff.

Located just east of Maple Tree Square at 52 Alexander Street, the restaurant's name, Salida 7, translates to Exit 7. The name references the exit on the Mediterranean highway--which runs from southern Spain north past Barcelona to France--that leads to the province of Girona and the Costa Brava.

After four amazing days, the Eastside Culture Crawl, which ran from November 20 to 23 this year, has ended. Here are a few photos from attendees, which saw over 400 artists open their studios to the public.

Find more photos from the weekend here: Images from the Eastside Culture Crawl.

Taking pride of place on the coffee table next to The Secret and Bill Cosby’s Fatherhood, Graphic Thrills has provided countless hours of engaged family reading time for myself, the wife, and kids.

Robin Bougie’s boutique collection of vintage porno movie posters, published earlier this year, is a must-have for anyone who wants a boutique collection of vintage porno movie posters. If that's still not enough, then the author will be at the Fox Cabaret on Tuesday (November 25) to present an evening of classic XXX trailers, curated, like the book, from his private collection.

It’ll be nice if some of the old regulars make it out for this one.

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed New West-bred rock 'n' roller Johnny de Courcy at Neptoon Records. Sarah Fawcett was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. Johnny de Courcy at Neptoon Records on November 22, 2014. Thanks Sarah.