When is rape not rape?

According to musician/terrible human being CeeLo Green, it's whenever you have sex with a woman while she's unconscious.

After pleading no contest to felony charges on August 29—for drugging a woman with ecstacy against her knowledge while on a date, no less—Green took to Twitter to discuss the true nature of rape, spouting out words of wisdom like, "Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!"

According to Green, "If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent".

The annual Fair at the PNE is in the books.

Did free admission on the final weekend get you over to Hastings Park?

Photographer Kevin Statham captured these moments during week two of the fair.

Singer Justin Bieber, unlike many Canadian marijuana smokers, is free to continue crossing the border into the United States.

That's despite new charges being laid against him.

The sometimes obnoxious pop star has been booked for assault and dangerous driving after a collision between an ATV and a minivan in the Township of Perth, Ontario.

Following the acccident on August 29, there was reportedly a confrontation between drivers of both vehicles. Bieber hails from the nearby town of Stratford.

Earlier this summer, he pleaded no contest to a charge of vandalism after egging his neighbour's house in Los Angeles. It's an understandable crime for a 12-year-old boy, but for a 20-year-old adult? Come on, Justin.

Earlier this week, up near Heather Street and 16th Avenue, I saw that an apartment building’s management had stuck an information sheet above their set of four recycling blue bins.

I read it—first with interest and then, after a moment’s confusion, with growing dismay.

It was principally a list of banned items. It was long and included many things that weren’t allowed in the recycling blue bin, but it also included all the things that were allowed, such as cardboard, newsprint, paper and “blue box recyclables”.

It was a list of items that were all banned from going into garbage Dumpsters. It had nothing to do with the recycling blue bins.

Twenty-five years ago today–on September 1, 1989–Johnny Winter played the Commodore. The chance to witness the underrated Texas guitar legend in the confines of one of VanCity’s finest concert venues (for the second time) was not one I was about to pass up.

Besides, at the time I was really grooving on his latest album, The Winter of ’88, especially tunes like “Rain”.

Here we have one of the South Granville Business Improvement Association’s concierges—they try to make sure your stay on the shopping strip is a pleasant one.

He’s modelling one of the SGBIA’s courtesy umbrellas.

In the event of an unexpected shower, shoppers may borrow one of these blue brollies from any South Granville retailer (subject to availability) and return it to any other retailer on the strip—handy!

Twenty-five years ago today--on August 31, 1989--Meat Loaf played 86 Street Music Hall, so I went. Here's my Straight review, published in the September 8-15 issue under the headline "The Bat Out of Hell returns for another bite".


While parents of 560,000 students in strike-bound B.C. public schools will be grumbling on Tuesday, another set of parents will be celebrating.

That's because more than 75,000 students will be back in independent schools across B.C.

This includes St. George's, which is where some of the province's super-elite send their kids.

On Tuesday (September 2), St. George's will be hold a barbecue to welcome back the students. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy except for on that day, kids will likely be shut out of public schools across the province.

I'm not going to identify any of the kids who attend this school because that's not fair when they didn't ask to find themselves in the middle of any controversy.

Thank goodness that’s almost over for another year.

The autumn rains may be just in time. I’m not sure we could have gone another month watering the sidewalks and the roads and our lawns.

There’s only so much water in our reservoirs; something surely had to give, and soon.

Obviously that would’ve been the lawns and then the roads. Watering the grass, after all, is a case of Vancouverites going that extra distance to indulge their love of nature.

But not if it comes at the expense of our sidewalks—which must—MUST—be watered!

Why? Because we always have. That's why!

There's one more opportunity on Monday (September 1) to check out the free Taiwanfest celebrations on Granville Street.

In the 600 to 800 blocks, you can take in noodle and rice dishes as well as traditional Chinese medicine, musical performances, travel information, and a whole lot more.

On the north lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery, there are children's games and other activities.

Meanwhile inside Pacific Centre, you can catch a glimpse of the Pili puppets, who've achieved great fame in Asia thanks to a popular movie and TV show.

Cosplay characters of the puppets have shown up at the Metropolitan Hotel and at Holt Renfrew.

Below, you can see some snapshots I took while I was downtown this weekend.