First, CKNW apologized on air for the "offensive to women" segment that "crossed the line".

Then Global TV tweeted that journalists Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes were "blindsided" by the Jeff O'Neil Show on Tuesday (December 16), and they "disapprove of the content and tone of the discussion".

Finally, CFOX and the hosts of the Jeff O'Neil Show issued an apology for suggesting Gailus ask Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau whether he'd "F[uck], kill, or marry" Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister's wife; and former governor general Michaëlle Jean.

Listeners of CFOX and CKNW were treated to those Vancouver-based, Corus-owned radio stations' first-ever simulcast today (December 16), illustrating the dangers of media concentration in Canada.

On the Jeff O'Neil Show, Global TV "personalities" Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes were asked a series of offbeat questions while apparently drinking beers.

Gailus was preparing to interview Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. A radio host suggested that the TV anchor ask Trudeau whether he'd "F[uck], kill, or marry" Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister's wife; and former governor general Michaëlle Jean.

Fast-forward to 7:25 in the following clip to hear the disgusting banter:

Beauty pageants are sometimes criticized by feminists as a throwback to a bygone era. 

But for young women competing in Fairchild TV's annual Miss Chinese Vancouver competition, this event is seen a passport to fame and fortune in the Asian entertainment industry.

This year's winner, Erica Chen, was also deemed most photogenic. She performed "Castles in the Sky" on the zither at the December 10 event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Chen will be a contestant in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2015.

The first runner-up in the Miss Chinese Vancouver pagent was Maggie Wu, followed by Jessica Hu.

The Abbotsford Police Department has made an annual tradition out of releasing its holiday greeting card.

This year's edition depicts some poor soul spending Christmas behind bars.

No police chief toting a huge gun to be found.

The leader of the Green Party of Canada has presented in the House of Commons a petition calling on the Canadian government to undertake a review of the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.

That doesn't mean that Elizabeth May, the MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, is a 9/11 truther, however.

Indeed, the Green party made sure to send out the following statement:

So the sixth annual B.C. Dairy Industry Conference got underway today (December 2) in Vancouver. According to its website, the conference, put on by the B.C. Dairy Association and B.C. Milk Marketing Board, is the "most anticipated event of the year for dairy farmers and industry affiliates alike".

No doubt People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wasn't invited to the milk industry party. But that didn't stop the animal-rights group from staging one of its trademark (and, critics say, sexually objectifying) publicity stunts to coincide with the conference kick-off.

A pat-down search led to a surprising find, according to Vancouver police.

From a VPD news release:

A cyclist stopped by two police officers for a minor offence had a potentially dangerous surprise waiting for them.

Shortly before 9:00 last night, the officers saw the man riding his bike on the sidewalk of West Broadway near Oak Street. During a casual chat, he provided some responses that caused concern for the two officers.

A quick pat-down search revealed the man was hiding a potentially lethal item. The officers found a machete, almost two feet in length, concealed in his pants.

Police say the 31-year-old man was on probation for assault and not allowed to have weapons.

After lots of handwringing, Ultra Rich Asian Girls debuted on October 26—delivering 13 minutes of boredom in its first episode.

Now the folks behind the Life of Bri YouTube channel have created a parody.

It's called Ultra Cheap Asian Boys, of course. And it's only two minutes of non-hilarity.

Tumbler Ridge is best known as a coal town created in 1981 by the Social Credit government.

Over the years, the small northeastern B.C. community had its ups and downs coinciding with changes in the price of coal. And in 2000 when the Quintette coal mine closed, the population sharply declined.

Coal prices are once again falling. This hammered the town again when U.S.-based Walter Energy closed two mines in the area earlier this year.

But Tumbler Ridge is also a centre for dinosaur research. And as the video above demonstrates, it has some spectacular scenery.

It's unlikely that the dramatic vistas will pull the community out of the economic doldrums, but the video might be of interest for anyone looking for inexpensive housing.

That's one way to light a fire under voters. Squamish council candidate Peter Kent, who's a stuntman, is promising to set himself ablaze in the centre of town.

All Squamish voters have to do is beat 2011's Squamish election turnout of 39 percent. In a news release, Kent states:

I challenge other municipal candidates in Squamish and all across BC to match my pledge in some way, shape or form, that is unique to you! However, THE biggest challenge, is for each and every voter to Rock The Vote by voting on November 15, 2014!