Be careful if you encounter one of these bright red, luscious looking mushrooms.

Amanita muscaria, as it's known to mycologists, is considered to be poisonous, though detoxification can supposedly occur if thin slices are boiled in water.

These toadstools are growing all over Vancouver as a result of recent downpours.

According to the Pulpfiction Books Twitter feed, there's a large crop beside the former east wing of Vancouver City Hall.

Poison near the seat of city government? Say it ain't so.

Halloween is sneaking up on us. Here are six scary things to “boo” this month around Vancouver.


1. Chinatown Haunted House

When: October 21-31.

Where: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.


2. Fright Nights

When: October 10-November 1.

Where: Playland.


3. Ghost Train

When: October 10-November 1.

Where: Stanley Park Miniature Train.

Remember that Satan statue with the penis that was erected in East Vancouver a few weeks ago?

It was quickly discarded by City of Vancouver workers. Now another statue has taken its place in the Stonehenge-imitating plaza at Clark Drive and Grandview Highway.

This morning (September 30), a penguin with a bowtie and sunglasses was seen by commuters on the street and SkyTrain. Since there's nothing controversial about this penguin, I suspect the city will leave it alone.

You may have seen some barely legible graffiti around Vancouver touting the "Stop Party" and a mayoral candidate calling himself Meynard Aubichon.

Aubichon has a SoundCloud account, on which he makes some interesting, scurrilous, and offensive claims about local politicians.

He also makes these, er, unconventional proposals:

  • Waive development fees for residents with marijuana or prostitution convictions.
  • Hire "pot cops" to fight ISIS.
  • Lower property taxes by two percent for pro-pot stores.
  • Raise property taxes by two percent for stores that are not pro-pot.

That's not all. Check out the campaign's weird soundtrack below.

In August, we shared a video showing a drone flying around condo buildings in the so-called Crosstown area of downtown Vancouver.

Now a Vancouverite has been unnerved by another sighting of an unmanned aerial vehicle near David Lam Park in Yaletown.

Twitter user Jo Nugus posted the above photo last night (September 25) just after 11 p.m.

She called the drone "creepy" and urged Vancouver police to investigate.

Veteran broadcaster Shushma Datt has rebranded her Burnaby-based radio station.

RJ1200, a South Asian Top 40 music station, will become Spice Radio on Monday (September 29).

"I love that name," Datt told the Georgia Straight by phone. "We're changing the name of our station and the format of our station."

She explained that her show from 2 to 3 p.m. will move to the 8 to 10 a.m. timeslot Mondays through Fridays.

Datt plans to interview newsmakers. Later in the day, Spice Radio will give TSN Radio some competition by moving onto its traditional turf.

This afternoon, I was among possibly thousands of motorists stranded for about a half hour going both ways on the Sea to Sky Highway.

It was because of a car accident just north of Britannia Beach.

Fortunately, the ambulance that left the scene didn't have its siren on, which I took as a good sign.

As the traffic moved past, I was surprised to see a forest-green classic car with fairly serious damage on the rear of the driver's side.

I'm not sure what the model was, but it resembled those old roadsters from the 1920s.

I wish I could have taken a picture, but it wasn't possible with road-safety personnel directing traffic to keep moving.

Some in the media are still getting used to the Chinese president's first name.

Xi Jinping is a little more challenging for English speakers than the name of his predecessor, Hu Jintao.

But perhaps the worst version came when an Indian newscaster with the state-owned broadcaster Doordarshan referred to China's political kingpin as Eleven Jinping.

It resulted from mistaking Xi for the Roman numeral for 11. (In China, surnames appear first.)

The anchor, Nidhi Mehra, was sacked, according to the site.

What's worse is the blunder came while Xi was visiting India.

On Monday (September 8), the Easter Seals Drop Zone landed in Vancouver.

It's an annual fundraising event which sees participants each raise $1,000 or more in support of Canadians with disabilities, and get rewarded with the opportunity to rappel down an office tower.

In the above video, Kevin Getz, a host on The Beat 94.5, documents his experience of descending the exterior of 999 West Hastings Street.

A small plaza at Clark Drive and Grandview Highway used to be home to a Christopher Columbus statue. But that was years ago.

News reports indicate that, this morning (September 9), East Van commuters noticed that another figure, known by such names as Satan, the Devil, and the Beast, had taken up residence there.

That's not all. This Satan statue bore an erect penis. OMG.

With all the fuss, city crews hastened to remove the statue. It was gone after 3 p.m., according to Global and CTV.