A pat-down search led to a surprising find, according to Vancouver police.

From a VPD news release:

A cyclist stopped by two police officers for a minor offence had a potentially dangerous surprise waiting for them.

Shortly before 9:00 last night, the officers saw the man riding his bike on the sidewalk of West Broadway near Oak Street. During a casual chat, he provided some responses that caused concern for the two officers.

A quick pat-down search revealed the man was hiding a potentially lethal item. The officers found a machete, almost two feet in length, concealed in his pants.

Police say the 31-year-old man was on probation for assault and not allowed to have weapons.

After lots of handwringing, Ultra Rich Asian Girls debuted on October 26—delivering 13 minutes of boredom in its first episode.

Now the folks behind the Life of Bri YouTube channel have created a parody.

It's called Ultra Cheap Asian Boys, of course. And it's only two minutes of non-hilarity.

Tumbler Ridge is best known as a coal town created in 1981 by the Social Credit government.

Over the years, the small northeastern B.C. community had its ups and downs coinciding with changes in the price of coal. And in 2000 when the Quintette coal mine closed, the population sharply declined.

Coal prices are once again falling. This hammered the town again when U.S.-based Walter Energy closed two mines in the area earlier this year.

But Tumbler Ridge is also a centre for dinosaur research. And as the video above demonstrates, it has some spectacular scenery.

It's unlikely that the dramatic vistas will pull the community out of the economic doldrums, but the video might be of interest for anyone looking for inexpensive housing.

That's one way to light a fire under voters. Squamish council candidate Peter Kent, who's a stuntman, is promising to set himself ablaze in the centre of town.

All Squamish voters have to do is beat 2011's Squamish election turnout of 39 percent. In a news release, Kent states:

I challenge other municipal candidates in Squamish and all across BC to match my pledge in some way, shape or form, that is unique to you! However, THE biggest challenge, is for each and every voter to Rock The Vote by voting on November 15, 2014!

Toronto comedian Megan MacKay's website describes her as an "amateur Kanye West impersonator".

She also knows how to duplicate the Jian Ghomeshi look.

In her makeup tutorial, she shares how you too can use the "Beloved Public Broadcaster" and "Pseudo-Intellectual Douchebag" shades to your advantage.

Be careful if you encounter one of these bright red, luscious looking mushrooms.

Amanita muscaria, as it's known to mycologists, is considered to be poisonous, though detoxification can supposedly occur if thin slices are boiled in water.

These toadstools are growing all over Vancouver as a result of recent downpours.

According to the Pulpfiction Books Twitter feed, there's a large crop beside the former east wing of Vancouver City Hall.

Poison near the seat of city government? Say it ain't so.

Halloween is sneaking up on us. Here are six scary things to “boo” this month around Vancouver.


1. Chinatown Haunted House

When: October 21-31.

Where: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Info: www.chinatownhauntedhouse.com

2. Fright Nights

When: October 10-November 1.

Where: Playland.

Info: www.frightnights.ca

3. Ghost Train

When: October 10-November 1.

Where: Stanley Park Miniature Train.

Remember that Satan statue with the penis that was erected in East Vancouver a few weeks ago?

It was quickly discarded by City of Vancouver workers. Now another statue has taken its place in the Stonehenge-imitating plaza at Clark Drive and Grandview Highway.

This morning (September 30), a penguin with a bowtie and sunglasses was seen by commuters on the street and SkyTrain. Since there's nothing controversial about this penguin, I suspect the city will leave it alone.

You may have seen some barely legible graffiti around Vancouver touting the "Stop Party" and a mayoral candidate calling himself Meynard Aubichon.

Aubichon has a SoundCloud account, on which he makes some interesting, scurrilous, and offensive claims about local politicians.

He also makes these, er, unconventional proposals:

  • Waive development fees for residents with marijuana or prostitution convictions.
  • Hire "pot cops" to fight ISIS.
  • Lower property taxes by two percent for pro-pot stores.
  • Raise property taxes by two percent for stores that are not pro-pot.

That's not all. Check out the campaign's weird soundtrack below.

In August, we shared a video showing a drone flying around condo buildings in the so-called Crosstown area of downtown Vancouver.

Now a Vancouverite has been unnerved by another sighting of an unmanned aerial vehicle near David Lam Park in Yaletown.

Twitter user Jo Nugus posted the above photo last night (September 25) just after 11 p.m.

She called the drone "creepy" and urged Vancouver police to investigate.