Normally, the zombies come out in the summer in Vancouver.

But this year's annual day of the living dead will take place on September 6, which is the first Saturday after Labour Day.

For inspiration, check out some photos from last year.

The march begins at 4 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery and continues along Robson Street to Denman.

From there, the makeup-covered ghouls carry on with their procession to the A-Maze-Ing Laughter sculpture near English Bay.

Bring your cameras.

Maybe cute marmots aren't your cup of tea.

How about adorable sea otters?

This one was filmed rubbing up against a man at Cadboro Bay, near Victoria.

(Don't try this at home, folks. Your results may vary, and may including being bitten or catching a disease.)

Poor Greenpeace USA.

The enviro group will probably get more hits for this animal clip than it will get for all of its other awareness-raising videos combined.

That marmot sure is cute, though. And what a backdrop.

It's Glacier National Park, which also appears in the following Greenpeace anti-coal video (which most of us won't bother watching):

If you're still trying to figure out what to do today (August 16), here are three recommendations that celebrate the diversity of the Lower Mainland.

• The Korean Cultural Heritage Festival takes place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Swangard Stadium. Enjoy some K-pop, a reenactment of a royal wedding, a tae kwon do tournament, classical music, and lots more in an event that combines a dash of Korean cool with traditional arts.

Sure, rush hour on the SkyTrain is almost unbearable. But it's not so bad that anyone should feel the need to gun down their fellow transit riders.

Enter Main Street Massacre, which turns this unthinkable scenario into a video-game experience. Your character is a construction worker pissed off after a "horrible, crappy day at work" and now dealing with the "fucked up" SkyTrain.

First he pulls out a hammer, then a crowbar, then a power drill, and finally a gun. That's where you come in.

Watched by TransLink staff via surveillance cameras, your mission is to kill every last person on the Main Street-Science World Station platform. Many of them are waving smartphones, so they deserve it, right?

Here's your daily dose of animal cuteness.

Too bad this baby elephant is stuck in a zoo though.

The weather forecast for Saturday (August 9) is sunny with a high of 23 degrees Celsius. In other words, it's the perfect day to get totally soaking wet.

On Saturday, the eighth annual Vancouver Water Fight is coming to Lumberman's Arch in Stanley Park. Billed as the city's largest water fight, the event gets underway at 1 p.m.

Here's the rules of engagement, from the organizers:

1) This is a water fight - don't bring any other weapons apart from water pistols, WATER BOMBS ARE MESSY SO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF - littering is a crime and we love out planet.

I was a block away when I heard the drums pounding away in the 400 block of Granville Street.

It was the sounds of the Afro-Brazilian Carnival, which will continue until the early evening.

The road was closed to traffic as part of the Viva Vancouver celebrations taking place through the summer.

The Axé Capoeira Academy was scheduled to put on a demonstration of its talents later in the day.

Unfortunately, I didn't stick around long enough to see this show.

The first-ever Robson Summer Fest takes place this afternoon from noon to 4 p.m.

There are lots of in-store promotions, street events, and even benches along Bute for people's relaxation.

The Double Dutch Show from Japan (see photo) is also on the street to make people feel a little happier.

Douglas College has become the only Canadian postsecondary institution to make a list of the top sales schools in North America.

According to a Douglas College news release, the Ohio-based Sales Education Foundation restricts the list to schools that offer three sales-specific courses and sales internships to students.

Douglas College offers three such courses as well as sales internships to those seeking a diploma in marketing.

More than 20,000 full-time and part-time students attend Douglas College campuses in New Westminster and Coquitlam.

One of its most famous graduates is businessman Frank Giustra, a mining entrepreneur and founder of Lionsgate Films.