If you’ve got kids, you’re well aware that ripping them away from the Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii U is mission-goddamn-impossible unless they are damn good and ready to shut the things down themselves.

Standing by the TV and yelling incessantly about brain-rot, attention-deficit disorder, and the complete moral bankruptcy of Grand Theft Auto is about as pointless as complaining about the weather.

Why not, then, take a different approach: inform the disobedient little shits that we they’re doing is going to kill them.

Last May, the black-capped chickadee became Vancouver's first democratically elected city bird.

In the inaugural city bird competition, the songbird known for its "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" call bested the Anna's hummingbird, northern flicker, pileated woodpecker, and Pacific wren, topping the polls with 277,924 votes.

If you ever dreamed of baring your breasts in pubic to protest tyranny or patriarchy or religious oppression, this video explains how to do it with maximum impact.

Vancouver's Chinatown is home to more than 900 seniors of Chinese descent. There's also an ongoing battle over the preservation of heritage buildings in the historic neighbourhood.

These are two of the reasons why some of UBC professor Henry Yu's history students created the video above.

It points out why people shouldn't conclude that Chinatown has become passé with the rise of a large population of Chinese descent in Richmond.

A North Vancouver RCMP officer was apparently doing, well, whatever cops do, when a cellphone call came in with an offer to buy some marijuana.

So the officer arranged to buy some weed later the same day at an "undisclosed location".

The sting resulted in the arrest of two Coquitlam residents, a 25-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman.

"It is not every day that drug dealers call us to do business with them," Cpl. Richard De Jong, spokesperson for the North Vancouver RCMP, stated in a news release today (January 9). "I am sure they were as surprised as we were!"

It's become a ritual for some and a New Year's novelty for others.

But this January 1, the crowd seemed a little larger at English Bay for the annual Polar Bear Swim.

Perhaps it was the weather.

Even though it was cold, the sun was shining and nobody seemed to be suffering from hypothermia.

Charlie Smith

The tallest building in Taiwan, Tapei 101, was actually the highest office tower in the world until it was suprassed by another building constructed in Dubai in 2010.

But Tapei 101, previously known as the Tapei World Financial Centre, still has some of the most spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks displays in the world.

That's obvious from the video above, which was taken at midnight Taipei time (8 a.m. Pacific standard time).

Is it any wonder that people from around the world converge on the Taiwanese capital for New Year's Eve?

The 101-storey building—with an additional five storeys underground—has also been awarded with LEED Platinimum designation for its environmental innovations.

This video was created by a guy who calls himself Peladophobian.

(For those who don't know the meaning of that word, it's a person who fears bald people.)

Someone should tell Peladophobian that Kim Jong-un's father was Kim Jong-il, because he got it wrong in his attempt to connect the dots between the North Korean dictator and President Barack Obama.

Every winter, we are both bored and entertained by our political leaders' and parties' holiday greetings.

Here's this year's crop so far.

Merry Christmas from NDP Leader Tom Mulcair:

Happy holidays from Green Leader Elizabeth May:

Happy Chanukah from B.C. premier Christy Clark:

Merry Christmas from the B.C. Liberals:

Which video gets your vote?

First, CKNW apologized on air for the "offensive to women" segment that "crossed the line".

Then Global TV tweeted that journalists Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes were "blindsided" by the Jeff O'Neil Show on Tuesday (December 16), and they "disapprove of the content and tone of the discussion".

Finally, CFOX and the hosts of the Jeff O'Neil Show issued an apology for suggesting Gailus ask Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau whether he'd "F[uck], kill, or marry" Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister's wife; and former governor general Michaëlle Jean.