Eva Markvoort's Celebration of Love: memorial to be also streamed on-line

If you were touched by the inspirational story of cystic-fibrosis campaigner Eva Markvoort, whose struggle with cystic fibrosis and double-lung transplant was captured in the documentary 65_RedRoses, there's a memorial event on Friday (April 30) that will also be streamed on-line.

Celebration of Love, a memorial event for Eva, will be held at Massey Theatre (735 Eighth Avenue) in New Westminster, B.C. Her family will receive attendees starting at 2:30 p.m. There'll be an audio-visual slide show priot to the event, which will begin at 4 p.m. PT.

The event will also be streamed on-line at Eva's blog.

Markvoort died on March 27 after struggling with chronic rejection of her transplanted lungs. By telling her story both in the documentary (which won three awards at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival and was also broadcast on CBC) and on-line, she raised awareness of both cystic fibrosis and the need for more organ donors.

Eva's family is encouraging everyone to register as an organ donor.

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