Falling ice shuts down brand-new Port Mann Bridge

There are reports that ice has fallen from the new Port Mann Bridge onto the cars on the roadway. 

The CBC's Charmaine de Silva just tweeted that the RCMP is closing the bridge in both directions.

One driver, James Lepp, posted an image on Twitter apparently showing damage to his vehicle's side mirror from the "snow bombs".

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Cozy Pines
I saw this happening yesterday with large chunks of snow. Commented to my wife that it seemed like a design flaw. Probably should have mentioned to someone I guess, but I figured someone of import would notice as well, and for that matter they probably did. Kinda forgot about it until I heard of the closure. The deck is heated and the cables aren't? And now we are stuck in Chilliwack with MotherMother tickets. Know any fans that might want 'em?
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