Florence and the Machine's Florence Welch gets (almost) naked in L.A.

Every dreamed of seeing Florence and the Machine chanteuse Florence Welch not only in her gitch, but also doing a handstand in a bikini? Well then, your prayers have been officially answered. In a short film titled Florence Welch: Letter from LA, director Tabitha Denholm gives the world a good idea of what America looks like to the flame-haired U.K. siren responsible for such dream-pop offerings as “Rabbit Heart”.

The mini-movie captures Welch channelling not the opening scene of David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr., but also conveying a wide-eyed, spacey sense of wonder that’s beyond endearing. Yes, believe it or not, Los Angeles actually comes off as a modern-day paradise, as opposed to a filthy seething cesspool resembling The Day of the Locust as re-imagined by Darren Aronofsky.

Letter from L.A. is part of a three-part series chronicling Welch’s experiences of touring North America. Future installments will capture her in New Orleans and New York. Personally, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the Big Easy clip will have the singer doing her best to set a new world record for bead collecting during Mardi Gras, and New York will have her ruminating on how great Times Square must have been before that creep Rudy Giuliani turned it into the New York equivalent of Vancouver’s Robson Street.

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Stephen Rees
"how great Times Square must have been before that creep Rudy Giuliani turned it into the New York equivalent of Vancouver’s Robson Street."


Times Square used to be a hell hole that was best avoided. It is now traffic free and one of the most popular places in the city. Unlike Robson Street, which is still choked with cars and dedicated only to shopping, Times Square is THE place to be - to people watch - to feel the pulse of the big city. It has bleachers for just that - name me one place else that has that.

Yawner of a video, too.
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virgil miner
slow bowl of chowder is more exciting than this
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Native New Yorker
I was commenting just to tell the writer off for having the NERVE to slag off Times Square, but Stephen Rees spared me the need to do so.

And your headline for this story is quite misleading, since when is wearing a modest (the bikini bottom even covers her navel, for crying out loud) two-piece swimsuit getting "almost naked"? Is this what journalism has devolved to these days? Misleading, provocative headlines designed to grab readers, not to mention unnecessary bashing of great cities? Please get yourself another job, Mr. Usinger. Because it's apparent that you don't care for having a thing called standards when it comes to your job.

And to the people complaining that the video is boring, if you're not a fan of the subject, then surely you didn't expect to be entertained by it, did you?
Rating: -2
Alice Halliday
Beautiful! :) I made that white lace embellished cape hanging up in her dressing room! thanks so much to Micol, Sam, Othonas, Lou, Jess, Megan, Louise, Mandy and Libby- my lovely friends and sister who helped me bead it! :D xxxxxxx
Rating: +1
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