Earlier this year, Mercy for Animals Canada sent an undercover investigator to work at Horizon Poultry, a Maple Leaf Foods-owned hatchery in Hanover, Ontario.

The nonprofit organization's hidden camera footage, released on Monday (April 14), shows adorable chicks being roughly handled, thrown, tumble-dried, ripped out of their shells, ground up alive, and drowned. The video's narrator says:

The cruelty you have witnessed is inherent and widespread within the industrial chicken meat industry. Please remember these chicks the next time you're in the poultry section of your grocery store.

My friend the Green Guy found some beer—a few tall cans and some bottles of a local micro brew called N2 Nitrogenated Milk Stout.

He came to me with a question about the N2.

He didn’t know  what a “milk stout” might be or why it might need to be nitrogenated but he wasn’t asking me about any of that, which was just as well as I hadn’t much of a clue either.

Proving its members don't understand the concept of subtlety or have any sort of respect for the dead, PETA has bizarrely announced that it would like to turn cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home into a vegan restaurant.

The name PETA is floating out there? “Eat for Life—Home Cooking”.

In a blog post on the animal-activist organization's website, PETA compare Dahmer's crimes, which included the torture, rape, murder, and/or cannibalism of 16 victims, to eating animals.

The McDonald’s at Broadway and Granville has added a “Filet-o-Fish LT” to its menu. This is the standard fish sandwich with the “bold” addition of some lettuce and a slice of tomato.

Get it? It’s a BLT but with fish instead of bacon—be still my beating heart!

Personally I think it’s a weak name. I would prefer “Garden Filet-o-Fish”.

It hasn’t been that long since McDonald’s inexplicably added the double Filet-o-Fish, which manages to be at least twice as dull as a regular Filet-o-Fish.

But a Filet-o-Fish with tomato and lettuce has possibilities that I decided to explore today.

This year, MARKET by Jean-Georges—celebrated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s first Canadian restaurant inside the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver (1128 West Georgia Street)—celebrates its fifth anniversary. In New York, Vongerichten’s Spice Market is marking its 10th year. To honour this occasion, MARKET and Spice Market have joined forces to bring a taste of the unique New York restaurant to Vancouver.

Released on March 31, Fire and Blood is Brewery Ommegang's newest Game of Thrones-themed beer.

With Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons set to play a significant role in the upcoming season (which is set to premiere this Sunday, April 6), this red ale was created for the family whose motto ("Fire and Blood") inspired both its title and composition.

It seemed too good to be true: A kale-centric shop opening in Vancouver.

On March 31 and April 1, a “new” company called Brassica & Co. sent bouquets of kale and T-shirts silkscreened with “Kale heure est-il?” to members of the media, announcing that a boutique specializing in kale-derived and kale-inspired products would soon be open in Gastown.

Vancouver's best-known raw vegan eatery has finally set a date for the launch of its new and bigger location in the Downtown Eastside.

Today (April 1), Gorilla Food announced it will open at 477 Powell Street on April 5.

As of today, Gorilla Food's 101-436 Richards Street location in downtown Vancouver is temporarily closed.

In an e-newsletter, owner and chef Aaron Ash wrote:

Just so we’re clear, Blacktail Florist (200-332 Water Street) is not, in fact, a florist. There are some lovely floral arrangements ornamenting the walls and tables at this restaurant, which opens Wednesday (April 2). You may even find some beautiful edible flora on your plate, care of chef and co-owner Jimmy Stewart, but you won’t be able to buy a bouquet of flowers here, if that’s what you’re after.

Cinara (350 West Pender Street), chef Lucais Syme’s 40-seater European-style restaurant, opens tonight (March 28) for dinner. Syme is also the executive chef and owner of Yaletown’s La Pentola della Quercia. Here, he is co-owner with his wife, Gillian Book.