A popular raw vegan eatery has shut down. Despite a final push in an online crowdfunding campaign to save the restaurant in late 2014, Gorilla Food has closed both of its locations (101-436 Richards Street; 477 Powell Street).

“Many factors have been considered in this tough decision,” Aaron Ash, the founder and owner of Gorilla Food, said in an online statement. “There have been so many beautiful experiences in these spaces! The Gorilla Food mission and dreams are still moving forward. Keep watching!”

The 13th annual Dine Out Vancouver Festival kicks off Friday (January 16) and runs until February 1. During this time, a record 277 restaurants across Metro Vancouver will offer a Dine Out promotion: three-course prix fixe menus priced at $18, $28, or $38. More than 30 food and beverage-related events are also scheduled, including a food-truck gathering, cognac masterclass, international chef exchange, craft-beer tour, and numerous dinner and live-entertainment pairings.

You may have already heard about growing concerns about the landfill problems that single-serve coffee capsules are creating.

If you haven't, a video by a Nova Scotian production studio has created an entertaining way to raise awareness about the issue involving disposable, non-recyclable coffee pods like those popularized by Keurig, known as K-Cups.

The capsules are estimated to generate approximately 966 million pounds of waste each year.

Yes, Champagne is always a good idea and there’s nothing quite like sipping rosé in the height of summer, but on cool, dark, damp Vancouver evenings, I love cradling a glass of red wine.

The theme of this year’s Vancouver International Wine Festival comes at just the right time—big and bold, fruity and spicy Syrah (also known as Shiraz), ideal for cozying up with when the weather is miserable.

The 37th annual VIWF takes place February 20 to March 1, and last night (January 12), I had a chance to preview some of the wines that will be poured during festival events.

Back in September, we reported that “the world’s most reviled film director” Uwe Boll was planning on opening a restaurant in Vancouver.

An executive chef position was advertised for a Gastown-based restaurant called Bauhaus (1 West Cordova) opening in early 2015.

Looks like Boll has found his star chef.

Vancouver is full of good restaurants—but which ones are the best?

The people working hard at your favourite eateries deserve recognition, so spread the word and give them some love. For 17 years, Georgia Straight readers have shared their favourite places to eat and drink by voting in the annual Golden Plate Awards. 

This year’s ballot includes 178 categories. Choose the best new restaurant and the best chef, the most vegan-friendly restaurant and the best food truck. Sound off in new categories such as Best Culinary Walking Tour Company, Best Bartender, Best Doughnut Shop, Best Brewery Tasting Room, and Best Juice Bar.

All around Vancouver, edible plants are hiding in plain sight. The Falling Fruit map is one useful tool to help you find those growing along city streets.

For instance, Falling Fruit shows that there’s a Japanese flowering crab apple tree or shrub at the corner of East 15th Avenue and Windsor Street.

A block away, a black walnut tree is located along East 16th Avenue, east of Windsor.

Also close at hand, the East 16th Avenue-Glen Drive intersection is home to cherry plum and chokecherry trees.

Time is running short on turkey dinner preparations. If you'd like a taste of the feast without all the work, there's another option: turkey dinner in a tart.

South Granville's Tarts Bakery (1509 West Broadway) is offering a savoury tart that incorporates many elements of Christmas dinner. The all-butter pastry crust has a turkey pot-pie filling that's topped with stuffing and cranberry sauce. All the components are made from the family recipes of owners Lisa and Shawna Coan.

For many of us who enjoying spending time in the kitchen, the holidays are an excuse to do even more cooking, baking, and (let’s be honest) eating.

If you’ve been reading the Georgia Straight cooking column for the past two years, you likely already have ideas for what you’ll be whipping up for party guests and cooking on Christmas.

For new readers, I’ve rounded up some seasonal recipes from Vancouver chefs below to help you through all of your holiday entertaining.

Last week, PETA brought "sexy pizza slices" to downtown Vancouver.

Today (December 11), the animal rights group staged another demonstration in the city centre.

With an avian flu outbreak under way in the Fraser Valley, protesters in hazmat suits held signs stating: "Meat is a biohazard: go vegan".

Meanwhile, CBC reported that "a total of 155,000 birds will be killed if they have not already died from the virus".