Gay male body image study seeks online survey participants

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      A few weeks ago, I posted an article covering the opening talk at the BC Gay Men's Health Summit, which was about the psychological impact of gay male body image.

      University of Toronto assistant professor David Brennan gave an overview of studies in this area, which he noted are limited in number.

      If you're interested in contributing to more research in this area, Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver) Masters degree candidate Andrew Huber is conducting a study that will take a look at the correlation between body image, gay culture, and self-esteem.

      He's conducting an online survey for Canadian gay men aged 19 years and older who haven't been diagnosed with or received treatment for an eating disorder. If you're interested in participating, the survey is online here.

      Findings of the study will be published in a thesis document, which in turn may be presented at a conference or published in a scholarly journal. (All personal or identifiable information will be kept confidential. All confidential findings will be summarized.)


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      Nov 26, 2012 at 7:13pm

      If this was about a female body image study, would you use a picture of a gorgeous, worked-out goddess in a bikini? Maybe with a tape measure around her breasts?