The Gay Nineties go all Choose Your Own Adventure in new music video

Who didn't love those Choose Your Own Adventure books when they were a kid? I had one that was set around the mountain gorillas of Uganda. In another one I read, you could die after just three or four pages.

The Gay Nineties, a Vancouver rock band that's made the Top 20 in the 2012 Peak Performance Project, has taken this concept and applied it to their new music video. “In and Out of Style” was filmed in an East Van warehouse.

Basically, you start out watching like any other music video. Then the video prompts you to choose between adding strings, horns, or backup singers. Click on your selection and the video soldiers on with extra musicians. A minute or so later, you get to add more instruments or a "wild card".

Brass Tacks Films produced the music video, and Watershed Productions engineered it. Now it's not quite as exciting as dodging poachers in the Virunga Mountains of East Africa, while reading under the bed covers, but it's an interesting experiment.

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Oh! The bass player in this band is the guy who went on stage with Portage and Main at the Peak Performance showcase and spat mouthfuls of beer all over the crowd. Hey man!
Rating: -5
Daniel Pants
Hey man. Sounds like you were in the slash zone.
Rating: -1
John Lucas
Whenever I click on one of the icons, all it does it pause the video.
Rating: +3
Daniel pants
Make sure your hyper link function is turned on in the bottom corner of the YouTube screen.
Rating: -37
daniel pants
give it a couple seconds and make sure your hyper link function is turned on.
Rating: +9
The slash zone was super cool. Getting spat on by rock stars gets me hot and bothered.
Rating: -23
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