On George Strombo: Ewan McGregor's cool with Louis C.K. wanting sex with him

It's easy to hear straight women expressing their appreciation of sexy female images, about straight women kissing other women, or about how some of them even want to have sex with other women.

How often do you hear that kinda stuff from straight guys? (Outside of prison, that is.)

Comedian Louis C.K. took bromance and man-crushes one step further (well, several steps) into manrotica territory.

On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, Stroumboulopoulos asked Ewan McGregor what he thought of Louis C.K. expressing that even though he's straight, he'd love to have sex with McGregor.

McGregor, who has played gay and bisexual characters in films like I Love You, Philip Morris, Velvet Goldmine, and The Pillow Book, was cool with it.

How's that for being supportive of male homosexuality and bisexuality?

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Ewan gives some full frontal in The Pillowbook, by Greenaway, maker of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover. An exotic film.
Rating: +3
Miguel: He's nude in Trainspotting as well oh god why am I pointing this out
Rating: -4
Ewan McGregor's hair is more tragic than ten 9/11's. If you wanted to look like an out of touch Hollywood weirdo, mission accomplished.
Rating: +3
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