The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Reel Causes screening of The Adventures of Tintin

Reel Causes will host a free outdoor movie screening of The Advenutres of Tintin at Stanley Park on Sunday (July 8) starting at 9 p.m. The screening will take place at Ceperley Meadows by the swimming pool at Second Beach, and the film will be presented in French with English subtitles.

The Adventures of Tintin is a 2011 feature film by Steven Spielberg based on the Belgian comic book series by Georges Remi, who wrote under the name Hergé. The movie follows Tintin and Captain Haddock as they set off on an adventure to find an old sunken ship. The Adventures of Tintin features the vocal talents of Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, and Daniel Craig.

Reel Causes is a Canadian not-for-profit society founded by Mohamed Ehab and directed by both Ehab and Meharoona Ghani. The organization provides moviegoers with a monthly opportunity to support other local nonprofits through ticket purchases.

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So the film will be in French with the vocal talents of Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, and Daniel Craig speaking French?
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