Georgian architect designs fake Louis Vuitton condoms

When regular Trojans just won't do, there are Louis Vuitton condoms. But before you go running into Vancouver’s Louis Vuitton Maison (730 Burrard Street) demanding to purchase designer rubbers, these fancy condoms aren’t available in stores. They’re actually not even associated with the real Louis Vuitton label.

This ultra-luxe LV condom is a design project by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia. Through Kiziria’s design firm, Design Provocation, he’s also created black Swarovski crystal cock rings, fake Comme des Garcons ink-dyed T-shirts, and iceberg-shaped ice cube trays.

The Louis Vuitton condom is latex and features ribbed LV logo detailing on the actual condom. According to the fake Louis Vuitton Condom website Kiziria launched, the condom is priced at $68 and will be sold to raise funds for AIDS research foundation amfAR.

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I want some just bcuz
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