Gun silencers protect shooters, but what about their victims?

Reading the Silencers Are Legal website, you're given the impression that gun silencers make the "shooting experience safer and more enjoyable". Of course, the site was put together by silencer manufacturer Silencerco, one the companies behind the American Silencer Association, an NRA-supported gun lobby group.

Silencers Are Legal's propaganda claims "suppressors" protect shooters from hearing loss (earplugs aren't good enough for gun nuts, apparently) and have other safety benefits. It lists 40 "silencer-friendly" states. But the site doesn't mention silencers' more lethal implications. 

An article posted on AlterNet—"New Outrageous Lie from NRA: Gun Silencers Protect Kids' Hearing"—does, however. Just imagine how many more kids and teachers Adam Lanza could have killed in Newtown, Conneticut, and you'll find Silencers Are Legal's declaration—"Yes, silencers are legal, and they are easy to obtain"—all the more chilling.

Silencers Are Legal's map of silencer dealers around Seattle (and near Vancouver).
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