Hooters woos women with salads

Hooters wants more women to dine at its restaurants, and it’s convinced this will happen by adding salads onto the menu—because it’s leafy greens, not silicone globes that have deterred many women from dining at Hooters all these years, right?

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek last week, Hooters CEO Terry Marks said that the chain—which used to have two locations in B.C., and still operates in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg—is undergoing a makeover.

“There’s an opportunity to broaden the net without putting wool sweaters on the Hooters girls,” Marks told Bloomberg Businessweek. “Everything we do should appeal more to women, but nothing we will do will turn men off.”

That means, the infamous uniform of white tank-tops and orange short-shorts worn by Hooters servers are here to stay. The menu, on the otherhand, will see some changes, including more salads, fresh chicken wings and hamburgers, and healthy dishes to lure in female customers. The restaurant also plans on adding larger exterior windows and additional interior lighting for a more family-friendly atmosphere.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Hooters’ revenue has been decreasing since 2007. While women already make up nearly one-third of the restaurant’s customer base, Hooters is convinced that it’s more women—not frat boys—that will turn Hooters around.

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Adrian Mack
You don't make friends with salad
Rating: -3
Craig Takeuchi
This probably won't work. According to this scientific study, women prefer to laugh alone with salad.
Rating: +5
Hooters is so 1990s, its laughable
Rating: +3
Off with their heads
Looks like they hired some executives from RIM.

Women will never go to hooters unless they're hotter than the waitresses. If they're hotter, they probably have higher standards.

Hooters was made for guys. Appeal to them again and it's a hit. Salad is not the answer and family friendly is not the solution.

Do they even know what guys like?
Rating: -7
do the brown and orange uniforms paired with fake n' bake tan coloured panty hose really turn men on? As a woman, the Hooters colour scheme is what really does my head in. That and most chain restaurants tend not to be high on my list when it comes to going out. I'm sure the staff are lovely and all, but chain restaurants don't have the same appeal as the overabundance of other great pubs and affordable (and delicious) places to eat around town. Vancouver is blessed in this regard.
Rating: +5
Haha. Salads. Smirk.
Rating: -3
hooters food as well as the service is great! the uniform is fun and supposed to represent a cheerleader so keep that in mind! i like the tights as they make legs look nice and shapely and most look better with them then without but most of all, i like that they can not show disgusting tattoos, body piercings and dont get me started on disgusting flip flops unless they are on the beach. if you don't like it there, don't go there and go to your disgusting flip flop wearing tattooed waitresses sporting body piercings and raged clothes.
Rating: -3
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