International Day Against Homophobia: Justin Trudeau reminds Canadians the fight continues

Today (May 17) is the International Day Against Homophobia, with events being held all across Canada. At a IDAHO event at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, city councillor Tim Stevenson made an official proclamation for the day in Vancouver.

Even Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who has previously insulted his city's queer community by neither attending the Pride parade nor raising the rainbow flag for IDAHO at Toronto's city hall, surprised everyone by making a last-minute appearance at an official Toronto IDAHO event.

Meanwhile in Ottawa, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau delivered a statement in English and French in the House of Commons about why this day continues to have importance.

Trudeau observed that in Canada, many gains have been made for queer rights, including the decriminalization of homosexuality and the national legalization of same-sex marriage. But he pointed out that the battle is not over. He emphasized the continuing need to recognize ongoing discrimination against and bullying of queer people.

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are you gay
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M. Bizon
Inventing new pathologies (Islamaphobia, homophobia) for people who disagree with them is definitely a pet hobby horse of the Marxist left.

How about a day of action against bullshit contrived terms instead?
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M. Bizon it must be a tough life to be so scared of everything and spend your time reacting in anger. Try to find your inner peace...its somewhere behind all that ignorance
Rating: +3
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