Italian restaurant Il Giardino slated for spring 2013 closure

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      After 37 years, one of Vancouver’s longest-running Italian restaurants, Il Giardino (1382 Hornby Street), will be closing in spring 2013. While no specific close date was announced, the restaurant released a statement today (January 7) noting that the land has been purchased by a real estate developer with plans to build condominiums.

       “It was a very bittersweet decision to make, as Il Giardino is one of my proudest career achievements,” owner Umberto Menghi stated in a news release. “The staff and loyal guests at Il Giardino are like family to me, but I’m happy we are leaving on a high note. And, that diners will still get a chance to experience Il Giardino once or twice more before we close and say one last goodbye. I’m deeply grateful for the loyalty and longstanding support of my gracious staff and chefs.”

      The restaurant was known for serving Northern Italian cuisine in a fine-dining setting. In the summer, Il Giardino’s private, Tuscan villa-inspired patio was a popular spot for dining al fresco.

      Menghi, a 65-year-old restaurateur and cookbook author, will continue to oversee his two restaurants in Whistler, Il Caminetto and Trattoria. 


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      judi sommer

      Jan 8, 2013 at 9:20am

      It will be sad to see this gracious and elegant restaurant close. It is now beyond my budget but I will raid the piggy bank for one last meal there.


      Jan 8, 2013 at 11:00pm

      Yet another Vancouver icon falls to the developer wrecking ball. Good bye Yale, La Bodega, Maxine's the Ridge, Pantages Theatre and countless others. Every one replaced by soulless glass high rise towers. Maybe it is about time we started questioning whether our Vision leaders are perhaps too deeply tied into the big development money machine, there is little evidence to the contrary.


      Jan 11, 2013 at 7:25pm

      I was honoured, as a native born Vancouverite, by a 21st birthday celebration with friends at your restaurant. It was very special. The chef made reindeer medallions and I was embarrassed having been raised on TV and Safeway food that I not only wanted to have it and knew I did and salivated for it. My friend said simply, you eat it and it's your birthday. I will never forget that first mouthful ; how satisfied I was with real food and food that I eat. All my friends giggled with me that I was about to eat Rudolph or worse, Bambi. Then all the chefs in the background creating joy and ambiance and happiness for all the guests. As it was my special day the light shone on our table. It was very, very special and I won't ever forget it. Thanks.