The Jam won't be getting back together

From the Monday morning “Who cares?” file comes news from across the pond that the Jam won’t be reuniting any time soon.
Singer-guitarist Paul Weller told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that he has no interest in reforming the new-wave mod group which he disbanded in 1982. Over the years, he’s received offers in the millions to get back on stage with bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler.

“No way would it happen,” he said. “You can’t recapture those things, and also why should you? It would be absurd—three 50-year-old geezers jumping around the stage.”

The comments came in an interview during which Weller praised the Rolling Stones for being a bunch of 60-something geezers jumping around the stage.

“I take my hat off to people like the Stones, but it’s not for me,” the singer said. “I couldn’t do that. Jagger is brilliant and long may he rock. I couldn’t make my career out of old songs, it would do my head in.”
What might also have Weller thinking twice about reforming the Jam is that the band had a grand total one half-decent song to begin with. And, as anyone who has ever got sick of said song—“A Town Called Malice”—after about the fourth listen will attest to, even that’s being charitable.



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'80s Mod
Hey, the Jam has a bunch of good songs! There's "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight," "That's Entertainment," "In The City," and "Going Underground" just to name a few.

Sure, "Start" is just "Taxman" and Paul Weller's a self-important twerp, but they had a good sound there for a while that transcended the whole mod thing.
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A. MacInnis
Yeah, the Jam have tons of great songs, in and among the not so great. My favourite is probably "Eton Rifles" -
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It is unfair or inaccurate to say that the Jam had few good numbers. The produced many fine singles and one good album (All mod cons), possibly two and had a major influence on culture, although in reality they were just reviving the old mod culture of the 60s, althought Weller did carry it off with his own personal flair for style (He looked the part). However, I do think he is very over rated and takes himself far too serious. And as for his socialism, well it is a bit of a joke really when he runs around wearing top of the range designer clothing and collaborated with Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green. Which is an absolute rip off, which only the super rich celebrity class can afford, not the people Weller claimed to be speaking for. Like all celebrities, they are now the new aristocracy.
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