Joe Walsh bangs out a sequel of sorts to the '70s-rock classic "Funk 49"

Everybody knows that life's been good to Joe Walsh. But how can it not get better when he's coming up with a sequel to his deathless guitar-wipeout track from 1970, "Funk 49"?

On his upcoming solo album, Analog Man--scheduled for release on June 5--Walsh includes a little ditty, just short of two minutes, called "Funk 50", that harkens back to the original fret-burner. As the 64-year-old rocker explained to in a story posted today, the "sequel" had its genesis in a phone call from American sports network ESPN.

"ESPN called me at the beginning of football season," says Walsh, "Chris Berman and those guys, they have 'Sunday Morning NFL Countdown', where they analyze the games and they predict who is going to win and all of that stuff. They said, 'We love "Funk 49" and we need some music for the show this season, so can you make it something like "Funk 49" but not "Funk 49"!"

Here's the version of "Funk 50" that Walsh came up with for ESPN (never mind the jockiness). The upcoming track on Analog Man is about a minute longer.

Here's the kick-ass original track that opened the 1970 James Gang album James Gang Rides Again. We're really hoping Walsh sticks close to this version when he plays the Red Robinson Show Theatre September 7.

And for all those "Funk 49" freaks who just can't get enough of it, here's a live version from one of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festivals. You've gotta wait a few minutes for the "Funk" to hit the fan, but in the meantime there's legendary picker Steve Cropper trading licks with Joe, so quit yer complainin'.

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Gord Epp
Joe's new tune "Analog Man" is a newborn Walsh Classic
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