Joss Stone hopes she doesn't offend anyone with Broken Bells cover

When British soul-pop singer Joss Stone blazed onto the music scene back in 2003 with her multiplatinum debut album, The Soul Sessions, she surprised a few folks by including a reworking of the White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl"—retitled "Fell in Love with a Boy"—among the collection of little-known soul tracks.

The White Stripes cover was a hit—reaching the top 20 of the U.K. singles chart—so for her new album, The Soul Sessions Vol. 2, Stone tried covering another American alt-rock duo, this time the Broken Bells, tackling their 2009 hit, "The High Road".

When I contacted Stone in Brussels, Belgium the other day—in advance of her Georgia Straight-presented show at the Commodore this Thursday—Stone said she hoped the diehard Broken Bells fans were okay with her version.

"They're a great band," she said, "and I just hope that I did a good job, really. 'Cause I know they have hardcore fans, and I just hope I didn't offend anybody by doing it. But I tell you what—it's such a great song, I'm just glad to sing it."

For more from Stone—including how she approached the new Soul Sessions album differently than the first—see the story in this week's Georgia Straight. Read it on paper for that old-school '70s-soul vibe.

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